The Dumb-Down Exchange


I am definitely in ‘Wow’ mode after reading this site. This is the first time that I have read that some T.I’s were chosen as children for the following reason…

… you were identified as a child as being influential to your peer group in Pre- Emptive Intelligence Strategies, the most fundamental position of the organization is to stop you in your tracks…

(Is this the secret to why so many testings have become mandatory for our children? Are these tests just another method in making it easier for the ‘Network’ to discriminate?)

Honestly, this does makes it easier for me to understand my own situation. One of my children was a gifted student when she was in my custody and my son was referred. But since they transferred custody to my ex, the criminal, they both have suffered. I guess, now, I know why custody was switched.

Check out the website at the following link… It gets really interesting…


Adding at 1:27am…

As I was attempting to fall asleep, I received 2 huge electrical jolts to my body. These people are charging me up as if I am some type of car battery. Please take heed folks. There must be a lot of truth to the above entry.

People have always said that the truth sometimes hurts. Obviously, these people too immature to handle it. But how is that my fault?

They must be watching me like I am their personal TV series and I am not making a dime from it.

Someone really needs to help TIs stop this illegal usage before they kill us all. If they succeed in taking out everyone by using these ‘lethal’ weapons that they are treating as toys, whose going to be left for them to con?

Well, I think  we all know the answer to that…

What we are experiencing is an atrocity and is no laughing matter.

1:43am I was violently radiated by another charge that bounced off of something from across the room. This type of treatment is what I have to look forward to almost every single night.

Help stop the violence.




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