The Latest Message From Perpville



After stepping out of the shower earlier today, I could, once again, hear their voices. The voices of those who have no qualms in obstructing real justice for many Targeted Individuals. Those attention grabbing maniacs who cannot face the word ‘No’ head on.

The kind of people who are always throwing themselves out there for a free ride. As many of us now know, they are called Gangstalkers. And they are preying on any and everyone for self-gratification.

Well, they projected another message this morning. Many of you may already know that this happens quite often while being targeted.

The message:

“They want to rob you of everything.”

It was a ‘DUH’ moment. I truly hate it when they continue to reiterate on what is already obvious. They have been ripping me off for many trying years.

I have sat deep in wonderment for many years while watching the (what they like to call) ‘matinees’ of criminal activity surrounding me. Sadly, they know this to be true but still they continue to mouthingly rub it in. Maybe it is because they just have to say something no matter how stupid it sounds. They aren’t getting perks for doing nothing at all, I’m sure.

As I peel back the years of abuse and taste all the fruits of their labor, it makes me want to gag. The taste is not very desirable to me but, for some reason, what they do is what they would like to call ‘hip’. Yes. They still have a lot of growing up to do.  Don’t we wish that being hip was the only thing in the world that any of us had to worry about? How simple life would be!

There is nothing ‘hip’ about robbing and destroying families. Not to exclude families that they never had anything to do with.

Years of craft and unnecessary abuse is all that we get.

Seriously, if I were to list everything that they have already robbed me of, it would take more than just talking about it.

So with that said, maybe I should ask the question…

What else do I have left that they would like to take?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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