Chapter Two: Jobs in the Illuminati

Svali Speaks!

Chapter Two: Jobs in the Illuminati (or Why They Spend All That
Time Training People)

To understand generational programming, it helps to understand WHY the cult goes to the
amount of trouble that it does to place programming into people. Training represents time and
effort, and no one- especially a cult member- will spend that amount of energy unless there
will be a return on the investment. This will be a simple overview of some of the more
common jobs in the cult. It is not meant to be exhaustive, or in any way considered to be

The cult has a very organized hierarchy of jobs. Like any large organization, in order to run
smoothly, it needs people who are well trained in their jobs- so well trained, that they can do
their tasks without even thinking about them. To maintain secrecy, this group must also have
people completely…

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