“You’re under Judicial Battery!”


Yes. You heard it right. What I am experiencing as a Targeted Individual has become nothing less than Judicial Battery.

My gang stalkers who, for some reason, cannot stop ‘warping my membranes’, verified this fact today at about 12:55pm.

“You’re under Judicial Battery!” they screamed as if their lives depended on relaying that information. But…I already knew this to be the case. I established that years ago when certain members of a soccer team participated in my custody procceedings as character witnesses for my ex-husband.

Many of us who have been deemed as targets know that many of the “Your Honor’s of the world are no more honorable than the criminals who attack us on a daily basis. Rigging the system as if they are God. I am sure that their are many judges that may abide by the rules and laws of our States and Constitution but what about the ones that don’t?

And how did I get involved in something so utterly criminal? Well, I think that to answer that question, I would have to reflect, once again, on past relationships.

Somehow, it is beneficial to many to have ‘judge friends’, in which I do not. That is how I am being taken advantage of in the worst way. And one of those people who has consistently tore through my life like a Mac truck while using his judicial connections would be my ex-husband. A criminal because he can and, obviously, his ‘judge’ friends are as well.

But where would have possibly found friends of that caliber without being a member of the judicial arena? Well, it gets pretty simple from here. My ex is a former soccer coach for the Danville Blasts in Danville, Virginia. When he couldn’t land a job due to his criminal history, they gave him one and I have been fighting their demons ever since. Coach Cacius was invented by Danville Blasts and his admirers were doctors, lawyers, and even judges. He then had connections at his fingertips and that bastard has been conspiring with his newfound connections ever since. And in my hometown!

And speaking of hometowns…

One particular name that my stalkers repeat frequently is the name Pradeep. Honestly, I had never even thought about anyone by that name since maybe 2006 and I do not know of but one. If this Pradeep that they speak of is the same man, then he is a M.D. by the name of Pradeep K. Pradhan. He was one of the coach’s for the Danville Blasts. My son was on his team. We had exchanged emails back in 2006 in regards to the team but what he has to do with my targeting, I have no idea. We were never extremely close but my ex, on the other hand, may have been. Did Pradeep turn psycho-killer on me?


Pradeep K. Pradhan, M.D.

Dominion Primary Care

Danville, Va.

I have even told the story about the CIA in which I believe my ex-husband was deeply involved in a previous blog entry. This man and many others truly think that they can run around and do anything they want to do because someone is helping them. Aiding and abetting in their crimes as if it was their last feast before they die.

When will our government get weary of these people? These literal psychotic maniacs that no one is doing anything to stop?

So, as to a prior comment that I made before. Does this mean that we all now have permission to purge? Did we really miss that memo? How?



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