Staged and Not Yet Medicated


This blog entry will serve as an example of what is being staged for me by my gang stalkers who are using my very own parents to make me crazy. For some reason, these people are determined to have me drugged or committed.

The following partial voicemail was left by mother at 3:36pm today. It is the same conversation that we have had for quite a few years.  It is so redundant that it seems that she may be more crazy than what she is trying to make people think I am.

Here is a short version…

Mother: Hey Tiffany. This is mommy. Tiffany look. Do me a favor. Let your daddy take you over to the clinic to get, ah, try to get on the medication to calm your nerves, OK? ‘Cause I want to see you get back on your feet. Try to get on some medication. Your daddy said he know where to go to calm your nerves so that you can be able to live with somebody, OK?…

Now, you would think that she sounded as if she were somewhat concerned, right? Sorry, you would be wrong. She is staging. Why would my mother wait until I am an adult to try to make it seem as if I am somewhat imcompetent. Especially, when she knows that I know what they are doing?

As a matter of fact, after my gang stalking torture program began (when I knew nothing about it), I checked myself into the emergency room and practically begged the doctor to check me into the behavioral floor of the hospital. I was there for a week and even that seemed staged. I had an MRI, which I later found out that they use in order to attack a targets’ body.

If I am not mistaken, they like these images to be updated ever so often. They use these images to probe and mutilate our bodies at will. And, no, targets don’t have a vote. We are even being microchipped and drugged. Now, is any of that a good reason to run to a doctor for no reason whatsoever?

Anyway, at the end of my stay, the nursed announced  they there was nothing wrong with me. Outside of slight depression (in which I had told her about), there was nothing wrong. Or so she said. They don’t tell us the truth. As a matter of fact, she failed to mention what they inserted in my vagina during my admission. Or , why the x-ray tech said WOW! during my x-ray.


Almost no one with any authority whatsoever can be trusted.

And to top this all off. It was my very own mother who had me arrested twice for a ‘mental evalution’. Neither time did they commit me or tell me that I was crazy. The second arrest wasn’t even valid because the police did not have the proper paperwork.

So, I will ask…

What the hell do they want from me? It is obvious that what they do to people would make anybody crazy. So am I not falsely crazy enough?

And if my mother was so concerned about me getting back on me feet, then why did she kick me out of her own house?

Who can I trust while the Danville Ops are still at work?

And sadly enough, I am the only one who isn’t bothering anyone while everyone else is attacking me.




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