Holographic MRI and CT scans of the human body

This is a technology that Targeted Individuals should learn more about.

Styiles Inc. the prototype design group

In the not to distant  future full body scans will be done on everyone. From the scan a 3D holographic MRI or CT image of your entire body will be recorded on a Blue Ray DVD disc, or a  stick memoire chip, that will be used as a medical guide for your Doctor or Surgeon. A Surgeon can use this 3D information to plan out a needed surgery or other procedure you may have to have sometime in the near future. That disc could also be used to compare a new scan to an older scan. to look to see how far a problem has progressed. It would  hold all your medical records and previous surgeries and medical procedures and treatments you have had over your life time as well as any and all medications you are on or have taken in your past years. Body scans like this would be done starting at birth…

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