Touchy Aren’t They?-A TI Testimony

“You gained a special de-leap.” he said at 7:06pm. And then another exclaims,”You dealing facts,” or something to that effect. Yes, these trifling, no good, lazy men are amp-ed up this evening. I cannot remember the last time that I actually had any peace. But of course, that is the way the goons like it. What the hell do I need peace for I guess their asking themselves because they have none of their own.

For years now they have paid nothing but obsessive interest in me. Watching, cackling… If you name it, they probably have done it. This is a sad story indeed.

It makes me ultra angry that these people continue to take away everything you have ever worked for as if they were the ones that earned it. Stealing your life, your friends, your family, including your children as if they were there the entire time aiding in your personal improvement. If they were riding the tides of your life, swimming through all the waves of disappointment and successes, where were they? Were they peeping through a peephole? Seriously, where were they?

“At least you live,” the ghetto fabulous woman says at 7:18pm. (Another way you can tell that they are watching. Just listen.)

This is how totally ignorant my goons can sound. Some of us (and they may not have a clue what I am talking about) had bigger dreams that required more than just livying. Plans and goals that they never would have understood. I didn’t want to ‘just live’.

To just live means, to me, that I might as well already be dead. It would mean that I was only looking forward to doing nothing more than breathing. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Life might as well be contained within only four walls if you would rather ‘just live’. How is that any different than being in a box or a casket?

Am I suppose to thank them for allowing me to ‘just live’? When did they become my Lord and Savior, I wonder.

You know, I thank the heavens that I am single (and, yes, I am not afraid to admit that I am years celibant)  because if I had to be married to one of these morons that have been stalking me, I truly believe that one of us will need those four walls tucked safely beneath God’s green earth and one of us would be in it.

Nowadays, it is quite admirable to me to be single. The men are just not the same. Childish, insecure, selfish, rude, uncaring, and very disrespectable they are. And the women in their lives are not benefiting anyone, including the already lazy men.

“They all knowing the way you mud,” a female says at 7:38pm.

If that is the case, then why do they keep bothering me as if they are about to earn a badge? Why not just leave me alone and then nothing would be said?

They seem to love drama and I in their shallow minds they may feel like the are super celebrities. Hits on the big screen while everyone is watching. Possibly demonstrating their weapons to their clients by using the bodies of innocent people who can’t shut their bullshit down. Yes, this is a very, very sad moment in history. Especially knowing that no one is being compensated for the abuse.

Now, let me break something down for you. Ok…

I have no friends and barely any family left that I truly can count on. My children were kidnapped, my money and life depleted. I would be lucky to find another job. My body is being attacked by a hoard of people, most of which I don’t even know and had never met a day in my life sooo…

I guess my next question would be… Really, where is the beef? If they are worried about me ‘whippin’ another man, so to speak, well… “We see how you whip,” she says. As if. I guess I can take that as verification that no one’s bedroom is safe. Maybe.

It has been obvious to many that I am not doing anything to obtain a romantic or not so romantic relationahip whatsoever but somehow they still feel threatened which leads me to my next point. Isn’t this a free country?

First off, it is none of their business and second of all, I am happy being without the type of men that they find so attractive. Honestly, I really don’t think that I have met my ideal match at all and believe me, I have sowed many oaths. That life is so dead that it can now be buried within those four walls. I have had fun but it is not worth risking your life over a bunch of conceited, deplorable idiots. I think you get my drift. Yep, I may stay single for the rest of my days. (I am getting more radiation by the way as I write this.)

Touchy aren’t they?

Anyway, it was their cult men that got me into to this mess in the first place. I just wish I had trusted my instincts then.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.







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