“They think you ain’t being abused.”



A goon just said out of nowhere, “They think you ain’t being abused.” A black man. It is so upsetting to me to see how low black people have become for the sake of survival.

Obviously, I am still being watched. Constantly, they are running of at the mouth as if they are standing right there in front of me. Amazing knowing that this is all happening and is

illegal at the same time, yet, no one is doing anything about it due to all the lies that they feel the need tell. “They think you ain’t being abused,” he said.

“You know they hired,” a female goon just said as I wrote this. I told you before. They don’t shut up. You would think that all of these people and I use to be best friends but it is not the truth. They give away all of their as if they want to be caught. I guess they have already been dutifully informed that because no one in authority will challenge them. As most of us already know, it is those of authority that make these types of deadly arrangements. Entrapment of the worse sort but what can we really do about it when they are doing there best to hide it no matter how much evidence is there for all to see? ¬†From blood tests to brain fingerprinting, every Targeted Individual’s case can be solved as long as someone took the time to try to solve it.

I received a pulse of radiation against my face at exactly 10:59 pm tonight and it is still early. I also received a reminder of the names of two more goons that I remembered them mentioning the last time that I was in Danville a few years ago. Kelly and Victoria. Females of the worst kind whom, it seems, also specialize in home-wrecking tactics, as well. The kind who think only of their selfish selves and no one else.

As I said before, it is not the first time that these demons have screamed their names. Could it be that they want me to know who they are? They don’t have to worry. These devil advocates are not something that I would easily forget.



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