A Candy Hell


What a Merry Christmas I have been having! The goon squad sang yule tide carols to me by screaming around me all day long.

What warming feeling I had just a little while ago after they radiated me twice while I was trying to sleep. They even colored my head with candy stabs throughout the day. How sweet.

I should have known that last night was the The Night Before A Nightmare. I should have known that even on the holidays it seems that they get more evil than any other day of the week.

How I wish that I never stepped foot back into Danville, Va. where I was destined to be in closer proximity to those that have fouled my life and, like tinsel, have ripped it to shreds…even on a holiday.

Stab, stab, stab. Shock, shock, shock goes their merry ho, ho, hoes and the only thing that I am left to do is sit back and take it? Would someone please pick up Santa’s little evils and send them back to their Candy grave so that I can finally get some sleep please?

My exes weren’t kidding while they conspired to try to “Make Me Crazy” and they are using a bunch of holiday ‘nuts’ to do it. What is there reason why I wonder. Hmmm…

Yes, it has been a wonderful holiday and it seems that it is only getting better.

And to my goons, thanks for your non-concern.   It is obvious that the only jingle bells in your life are locked up tightly in your heads. Don’t you hear them ringing?

Honestly, it is still hard for me to believe that our City Council invited many of these lunatics into this city. They would probably make people believe that gang stalking doesn’t exist while they lead the way. And is obvious that no one has challenged it either. Am I their only victim?

If so, that would be a wow on every level. I guess the next question would me, why me?

It is clear, no matter what the answers are, that Danville residents have allowed their greed to take precedence over everything that was descent to the point that they will do anything to keep their hands in government’s cookie jar. What will happen if one day they no longer can?

Happy Holidays.

Oh…By the way…

I was told earlier that I did not have one of the following by one of my rambling goons…


Man Must Die

Really people?




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