SIM (Substrate-Independent Minds)


Dr. Koene at H+Hong Kong representing carboncopies Dec.2011.

Over the years, as I have been subjected to the worst crimes of in regards to human civility, I have heard much conversation about SIM from my perpetrators. For some unknown reason, they would scream through whatever technology that they were using about my being SIM-ed. I had no idea what they really meant by this. I thought they were talking about SIMS the video game. I had no idea. But with further research into the realm of Transhumanism, mindcloning, minduploading, etc., I am being to understand the concept better. Believe me, I never asked to be uploaded into someone’s computer but, of course, how many of us really did? And to make matters worse, they actually treat your torture as if is just that. A game.

According to the website…

SIM is a field of research which seeks to understand the brain and nervous system of a wide range of organisms, including humans, in order to facilitate emulation of the organisms in an artificial substrate, for example, a computer processor.

Possibly, a computer processor such as the supercomputer that was designed by Noblis. They now have an office at 527 Bridge Street in Danville, Va. called Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing (CAHPC). That have made it an art in storing our DNA and brain information. (


So, do you think that this was the SIM that my peps were attempting to tell me about? Honestly, I can pretty much guess seeing that I haven’t had my brain or head to myself for quite some time.

I know that sometimes our stories may sound pretty silly but what I and others are enduring is quite real but no one is testing the truthfulness behind every story. They would rather just make up stories about a target’s mental health so that they can continue to get away with very real experimentation on human subjects rather than to just tell the truth.

Never underestimate how evil people really are and pray everyday that it does’t happen to you. Being a TI is, no doubt, a miserable existence and one that you don’t have to earn.

Read more about carboncopies at the following site…


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