Real World Tears

I made a list,today, of as many suspects that I could think of that I know to be accomplices in my targeting. At the moment this lists contains over sixty names and is still growing. Quite a fan club, huh?

I soon decided to put down the list today and engross myself in some television drama to bide the time. After another long night of being, literally, radiated and electrocuted, I felt that needed a break. The list did not help either. It was rather depressing reliving every moment of my targeting and everyone that I could think of that was possibly involved.

Just so that you know, watching television did not help my mood. As a matter of fact, I think it just worsened my it considerably because it just reminded me of everything that I am now being locked away from. It reminded me of my children and how I have been kept away from them in the worst way for so long. I began getting teary because I realized that I can no longer provide for my family as I use to. I began remembering all of the wonderful holidays that we use to have. The Cristmas tree, the toys under the tree, the love and happiness that we use to share. Our family together.

We use to laugh together, cry together, and protect one another. My children and I were like the greatest friends. We use to sometime sit around together during or after dinner and tell jokes. It was so much fun. My son would laugh so hard at me that he would have tears in his life. My daughter, on the other hand, had real problems understanding my sarcasm sometimes. She was always such a serious, yet, brilliant young lady. But, after a few of our ritual sessions, I think she has now mastered the art. She can be so adorable.

That is one of the reson why I don’t understand why my ex-husband ( amongst others) would do much against his own family. Why would a man willingly gank the people that he was suppose to care about? Why would anyone volunteeringly tear their family down, forcing them to go from good to worse? Who does that?

Well, now that I know more about this program called organized stalking, cause stalking, gang stalking, crime syndication, etc., I seemingly understand more about why people are involved in destroying their own families. Sociopathic behavior is key to being a criminal, believe me, they know exactly what they are doing in choosing those types of people. Anyone who is conscientious would not make it in the world of organized crime. The CIA is strategic in using criminals for a common cause. No wonder they love my ex. In the real world, I would never have went through child-napping or gangsters to this degree.

Do I think that my ex has CIA involvement? Sure. Why?

Well, the so called CIA called my mother’s home in Virginia while I was staying with her. It was one of those times that I had left him and I took my children with me. You see, my ex has been guilty of so many things. His cruelty towards myself and his children has always been unmeasurable. I always thought that he was a part of something. Possibly a gang, but I never really did not know for sure. The proof was in my face but he would never tell me the truth.

When the CIA called my mother’s house looking for him, it made me really nervous. Whatever he did, I knew it was federal. Well, after speaking briefly with this probable officer of the law, I discovered that he only wanted to speak with my him and not me. So, I take down the officer’s number, hang up the phone, and then precede to call my ex (who was still my husband at the time) to inform him of what happened. Within the hour, he calls me back laughing. It wasn’t funny to me but the situation was definitely funny to him. I was angry that the CIA would seek me out in Virginia when my husband was still in Georgia where most of his crimes were committed. I was even angrier that the CIA would call my mother’s house over something that neither of us had anything to do with.

When I think back on that day, I begin to wonder if that phone call was the day that I started to get tracked. I am still having problems pinpointing the time when this first began. You see, I have had a very interesting life to say the least.

Anyway, I know you are wondering why the CIA felt the need to contact him in the first place. Well…my ex was guilty of fraud. But not just any fraud. He was a part of a ring. He added foster children social security numbers to his tax returns in order to get the child credit. Foster children that he never met. Children that he never new and never planned on knowing. I can honestly say that I knew of his intentions before he did it and left him later after he did. I wanted no involvement with his cons. With a young son, I did not want my child to see Feds breaking in the door if that were to happen. He later had to pay that money back and guess who helped him do it? Yes. You guessed it. It was me. I was the dumb-ass. And he would be the man that has brought me more harm than good even though I was the only one who was there for him. Even when I did not want to be.

Ok. I think that I am done for the night. My mind is tired. And it doesn’t help that the bozzos refuse to stop stabbing me in my head. Yes. It is an all day all night long process. They are overly obsessive about doing nothing that really matters.

Oh. I forgot to mention their choice phrases for today.

1. “We can be silent.”

2. “They say we got obsessed.”

3. “You lie.”

4. “You ain’t gonna score.”

5. “I endow Wyatt.”

6. “You ain’t gonna sore.”

7. “The way you ain’t flip it.”

And on, and on, and on…

Most of my life I have made my own money honestly. Hell I worked my ass off. When I built my life, I did it on my own. None of these buttholes that are trying to bring me down have ever done anything to bring me up, so what the hell is thier problem?

When I needed help, they were no where around, so what makes them think that they have the right to regulate anything in my life?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.









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