“All They Want is Ganks. That’s All They Want.”

All they want is ganks. That’s all they want.”


This morning, while in the shower, a male voice said those words to me. His voice was close enough for me to believe that he was in the same room peeping around the curtain. This is how scary their technology is. Neurophones and the like are being put to full use by gangs as they target their victims.



to gank: means to rip off, to mug, to swindle, to steal, to kill, to ambush, also a noun that describes people that use these actions

That is what they want, he said. And the horrible part for me was the realization that what that gangster said was true.  What that has to do with me, I have no idea outside of not being one. Maybe they take offense to those that aren’t like them because we are not the ones who are boosting their egos.

Anyone who knows anything about ‘gangsters’ knows that they usually have some major self-esteem issues. They must feel as if they are at the top at all times.  Doing the wrong thing is their thrive, especially if they get away with it. At, that point, they get really cocky and very greedy until their time is up. And, sadly, without the help and support of other evil men, they would be totally lost. It is doubtful that they would know how to function normally in a normal society. These people have been trapped in their cults for so long.

In speaking of…my life has never been a bed of roses myself. I have had my troubles like everyone else but never would I have called myself a gank. It just wasn’t that type of party for me but it seemed that it was never a problem to others surrounding me to be that way. Especially, my ex-husband, whom literally thrives on being as evil as they come simply because he can as long as he has help getting away with it. I could never trust him, even in marriage and now, in divorce, he has made it 100 times worse. I don’t think there is a lie that exists that he hasnever told.

Anyway, my point of writing this blog entry is to add, yet, another dimension to my daily and nightly targeting experience. It actually would be quite comical if it weren’t for them burning the hell out of my skin. The one organ on my body that I loved the most. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are attempting to do. Besides, they won’t ever shut up. I might as well talk about it.

Ever since I have come back to Danville, they have planned and initiated their attack on a daily basis. It is a shame that they have that much time on their hands. They are on me lime honey to a bee.

The following is just a preview of my morning while laying in bed.

8:49am I can hear the electrical charges hitting the wall at the staircase downstairs until one actually bounces off the wall and hits me. I was radiated on my left side.

8:53am Radiated again. There was the usual flash of light. Low frequency.

8:56am A male voice says,”You are being bullied.”

Me: Duh! All I can say to that is that they are some real, bonified rocket scientists! Can’t you tell? Someone ring NASA! They have some employees on the loose, I am sure.

8:58am A male voice speaks. “You were never in delivery.”

Me: I am like,”Huh?” (Believe me, sometimes when I hear some of the things that these crazies are talking, even I don’t understand what the heck they are talking about. They have their own cult lingo. Such as the word ‘wookiee’. It is a word that they love to refer to me as. Yeah, someone has a real fascination with Star Wars. I found the word on wookiepedia. I am not joking! Tell me. Do I look like that?)




😉 Anyway…

8:59am Another male perp says,”Heed say, not yet.”

Me: What the hell does that mean? And who the hell is ‘heed’?

9:01am Then there is a female voice who is coincidently still talking say,”You already have a lot of lock.”

Me: So the five year old says. I swear, you would think this was Comedy Central. The shows name would be ‘HUH?’

9:06am A male perp speaks but I did not understand what he was saying and then I am immediately radiated once again.

9:09am Low-frequency radiation to my person once again. Another charge that miraculously bounced off the wall.

9:10am A female voice says,”You are all out being bullied.”

Me: I thought we had already had that it established? What? NASA hasn’t called back yet?!

9:20am Another electrical charge bounces off the wall and guess who it hits?

9:22am This time, I guess that they got tired of my ‘happy’ finger because almost everytime their weapon charges would hit my body, I would stick it up. Believe me. That is a lot of finger sticking. They finally decided to amp up the charge where it felt like I was being electrocuted instead of simply being radiated.

9:49am A female voice says, “You ain’t got cupid.”

Me: Judging by these fools. Who the hell needs him! Besides…my vagina is holding up just fine. Thank you very much.



I didn’t catch the time that this was said because I was busy trying to live my life but one of the perps actually said,”They think they are all that.”

Me: Well, I guess so. They are as ‘all that’ as a stale bag of potato chips. If he is referring to the buttholes that I have been use to dealing with, then I can vouch for the fact that they really ‘ain’t’.

9:53am A female voice says,”You know who ain’t got no boink!”

Me: That was not a mis-print. Actually the word ‘boink’ is used quite often with these people. It seems that they, like Freud, relates to almost everything in a sexual content.

It is people like this that make me thankful for being single.

Now I guess the only question left is… why the special

treatment if you are a gangster? Well, the KKK possibly said it best.

From https://mstmha.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/now-tell-us-how-you-really-feel/kkk-a-salute-to-gang-bangers

Now their taste for evil is not just inflicted onjust one race but all races…or at least against those that can’t fit in their pockets.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




































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