Applied Energetics, Inc., Formerly Ionatron, Inc.



Applied Energetics, Inc., formerly, Ionatron, Inc.

Should ‘We The People’ be fearful of a company of this caliber when so many lives are at stake. Many Targeted Individuals know from personal experience about the dangers of these types of high-voltage weapons. It is a life that we live daily without restitution. A life that no one, in a trillion years, would ever have imagined living.

If our governments’ would care to answer…Why are innocent civilians being subjected to such torture by such weapons that bought Applied Energetics, Inc. formerly Ionatron’s claim to fame.

And why are criminals using these weapons for evil against humanity when these types of technologies could be used towards something gois?

What is wrong with just being ‘good’ to society? How is the public suppose to get excited about weapons that are only doing us harm while the criminals jump through hoops to obtain it because that is exactly what they want?

How are we suppose to accept laser weapons, when they are just being used as a ‘New Age’ personal vendetta tool to their imaginary enemies?




Tucson, Arizona

Information on Applied Energetics Specialties (from their site.)

1. Applied Energetics “Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle.     Beam Systems”

2. High Voltage

3. High Voltage Pulse Generators

4. Marx Generators

5. NHVG Electron and Ion Beam Systems

6. USP Lasers

7. Femtosecond Lasers

8. High Energy Custom Lasers

9. Wild Cat Laser System

10.Counter IEDLaser Guided Energy


Also according to their website…

As a pioneer in photonics and high-voltage energetics, Applied Energetics continually advances the state-of-the-art, crafting a wide range of innovative solutions and custom-build deliverables across a broad range of applications, from global chemical conglomerates to every branch of the U.S. Military.


“Applied Energetics” describes precisely what we do:


Applied – put to practical use

Energetics -the study of energy flows and storage under transformation

From the company’s inception, a detailed and thorough understanding of Ultra-Short Pulse (USP) lasers, has been required to advance the concept of Laser Guided Energy. As the result of over seven years of discovery, research, and development, Applied Energetics has over forty patents awarded or pending. We now offer our technology developed for demanding filamentation research for industrial, scientific, and other defense applications.



Applied Energetics is pleased to be part of NAVSEA’s SeaPort-Enhanced acquisition program.

1. Electron Beam Systems

2. Compact Electron Beam Accelerator System with NHVG.        technology for a wide variety of processing.

3. USP Laser Systems

4. USP lasers for demanding process, applications with high pulse energy and high average power.


More Info…

Applied Energetics (formerly Ionatron) is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

When it was named Ionatron it traded under the ticker symbol IOTN. In February 2008, Ionatron changed its name to Applied Energetics, Inc, and now trades under the ticker symbol AERG.[1]

They are developing directed-energy weapons, mainly electrolasers with a range of tens of meters.[2]


From The Wall Street Journal Energetics Inc.



4585 South Palo Verde Road

Tucson Arizona 85714

United States



Applied Energetics, Inc. operates as a shell company. The company was engaged in the design, development and manufacture of applied energy systems for military and commercial applications and ultra short pulse lasers and high voltage lasers for commercial applications. Applied Energetics was founded by Joseph C. Hayden in June 2002 and is headquartered in Tucson, AZ.



Board of Directors

Name/Title Current Board Membership

George P. Farley, 76

Director, Chief Executive & Financial Officer

Applied Energetics, Inc.

John F. Levy, 59

Independent Director

Applied Energetics, Inc., Energetics, Inc., China Commercial Credit, Inc., National Association of Corporate Directors (New Jersey), Applied Minerals, Inc.


Read more about Applied Energetics at the following link…

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