The NIGHT LIFE of a Targeted Individual #3

10:30pm I was needled at the top of my head while watching television.

10:31pm Female voice screams,”You need to die.”

10:37pm Stopped at the bottom of my left foot.

12:34am Stabbed on the top of head.

1:27am Stabbed on the top of my head.

1:39am What sounds like a door slams upstairs and I am immediately radiated at a low frequency. (Yeah, I know. They have thought of every trick in the book.)

1:39am Male voice says,”You got snubbed.” (Thank God that I never cared to knowingly fool around with a gang member of any sort. I liked being single for a reason.)

1:42am I hear the electrical charges bouncing of the wall but I was not radiated. There were two of them consecutively.

1:43am Another charge bounces of the wall and I am immediately radiated. Low frequency.

1:45am Another charge bounces off the wall near the staircase like before at a higher frequency.

1:47am Another charge bounces off the far wall and the frequency is higher still.

1:51am Yet another electrical charge bounces off the wall and the frequency was lower.

1:52am A charge bounces off the wall. Low frequency. (I guess you have guessed by now that these people, especially black, have nothing better to do.)

1:53am I try to go to sleep and then I see the flashing lights as my eyes are closed. Then there is another charge that bounces off the wall and onto my body. High frequency.

1:56am A charge bounces off the wall in the same location as the last. It burned my skin this time due to the higher frequency.

Also, a male voice says excitedly,”You see you ain’t lapped.”

(Talk about cheeky! And they act as if they have every right to make decisions about my life because someone told them to.)

1:59am I attempt to close my eyes again and the flashes of light behind my eyelids begins again. I open my eyes and can still see the flashes.

2:00am I attempt to go to sleep, not for the first time, and they turn on the flashes again but they are brighter this time.Even with my eyes open and at the corner of my right eye there was a separate flash of light.

(This has a lot to do with a female, I think. It is rare that a man would get this emotional without help getting to that point. Nine times out of ten, there is a woman in a man’s ear.)

2:02am They are again playing with something at the top of head.

2:06am They use some type of weapon on my person that feels as if someone is holding by my head and moving it around. They did this often while I was at worked and it throws me off balance. Something quantum possibly. Don’t know.

2:09am Stabbed again at the bottom of my left foot.

2:17am Needled on the right side of my head.

2:18am Stabbed more deeply around the same spot from the last on the right side of my head.

2:22am Stabbed above my right ear.

2:23am Male voice says, “You’ll never bask.” (No. They really did not have anything to do at 2:23 in the morning.)

2:31am I feel them on stabbing me under my left foot and then my right.

2:37am A male voice says,”You see they ain’t thrown in the towel.”

2:52am A very cocky male voice says, “You see how deep you died,” or something to that effect. (They are really showing off.)

3:00am A male voice says,”You got to toodaloo.”








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