The Night Life of A Targeted Individual #2

My targeting has worsened since I have been back in Virginia. The original stalkers from earlier in my targeting reside here so it is understandable. There has not been any change of the types of activity but the frequency of the attacks has greatend.

The gang stalker voices that I have been hearing all day are, for the most part, from black people. From my observations, I am being gang banged by entourages and groupies. It doesn’t make sense, I know but if you knew Danville, Va. at all then you would understand where I am coming from. Some of these ‘residents’ seem to believe that they are above God and everyone else for that matter. I have listened to them yapping off at the mouth all off. It also doesn’t seem that they care about what may happen to them by continuing.

It has been over three years now since I have endured their weapons. What is it, pray tell, do they want. There attacks are nothing new. Always the same redundant crap over and over again and they don’tire of it.

They have needled and probed my head for most of the day until it was sore and they still haven’t stopped. By the way, it is exactly 2:18am. I am losing a lot of sleep.

The following is a partial list of my day, evening, and morning as I was and am being attacked. I did not have the opportunity to write down everything that happened. Or rather, sometimes I was so angry while being tortured that I either forgot or did not feel like it. THis should understand.

11:32am (this morning) Radiated. There was something that sounded like a clap in the laundry room but no one was there. The clap or whatever it was triggered the radiation. (It gets kind of funny when even the dog does not want to go into the house.)

11:46am (this morning) Needled on the top right side of my head

12:05am (after midnight) Needled on the top of my near my right temple

12:47am Stabbed on my forehead

1:16am Probed on my head again

1:41am Tried to close my eyes to sleep and very faint  lights began to flash behind my eyelids.

1:42am A female voice speaks. “You about to trap me.” It sounded like a Black female.

1:43am I try to go to sleep again but the flashes of lights behind my eyelids gets brighter

1:45am Stabbed again on the top of my head near my right while I was laying down

1:45am The flash of lights continues and leaves a burning sensation on my skin. ( I am under constant exposure when it comes to the burning feeling.)

1:48am A electric ‘bomb’ bounces of the wall to my right and lands on my skin

1:49am I attempt to change positions on the couch. I decide to sit up but to no avail. A charge hits me in my face and I see the flash

1:50am There is another flash and I am burned once again on my face

1:52am I am stabbed on my head once again

1:56am There is yet another stab to my head on the left

2:13am Needled in my head again

2:21am Radiated

2:43am Needled on the top right side of head

2:45am Stabbed on the right side of my head again

2:59am A male voice says, “I got to do all I can.” Hmmm…(Well, I doubt if it is to help me.)


I will continue to update this whenever possible. It is going to be another long night. Stay tuned. Of course there is more to come because they are thriving on, “We are trying to make your mother crazy.” according to my ex-husband to my son a few years ago. I guess it may be a blessing in disguise that my ex is very loud. At least I know what he and his demonic cronies are up to.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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