The Night Life of A Targeted Individual-(A two hour, four minute attack)

Even though I would have chose better ways to spend my evenings and mornings, the following is a true depiction of my nights as a Targeted Individual. The ‘just now’ version.







2:25am-Male voice says,”And I see this.”

2:25am-60 seconds hasn’t even passed before I am radiated again.

2:28am-A female voice says, “I didn’t know you gon’ document this.”

I finally get up, turn a light off in another room and then proceed to blog this entry. I think I had it better in Georgia even though that was a trip as well. This is the third day in a row while in Virginia where my attacks are so violent to prevent me from sleeping. And at the same time that I am being attacked, my gang stalkers are busy running off at the mouth. They sound as if they are mere children. And they are still talking.

“Write it down,” someone once told me and so I did.

More to come I’m sure.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Update…YES there was more.

3:30am Radiated due to a electrical surge in the house. Possibly from a refrigerator downstairs.

3:34am Radiated

3:37am Radiated

3:39am Radiated

3:57am One of the dogs runs dead fast into the room as if something scared him. It wasn’t a normal occurence because at his point of entrance I was electrocuted until bile came into my throat.

4:01am Radiated

4:06am Radiated

4:07am Radiated

4:19am Radiated

Then the 2 hour, 4 minute attack ended.

(While writing this, I heard a male voice say, “And this nigga stuttering right here in this room.” By the way, I only know two people that stutter. Now I know that I am right about one of the people who may be doing this to me. In my eyes, they have confirmed.)


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