Radiated In Danville, Va



Radiated in Danville, Va. while attempting to fall back to sleep early this morning.

This incident occurred at the following times:

7:04 AM

7:18 AM


In between the above times I witnessed small pulses of light behind my eye lids before they built the pulses up into a very violent and painful radiation shock. Those very painful shocks happened at the very times listed above until I finally gave up on sleep and searched for a pen to write the times down in which all of this occurred. And everytime the rays hit me, they aimed at my face and head area.

Trust and believe that I am a very verifiable witness to what these weapons can do to your skin and body. It is disturbing to me that criminals and demonic souls actually have access to these types of weapons. And at the same time, innocent people do not have any weapons of their own in order to protect themselves. 

This is all unjustifiable. Does anyone know a good way to trace the rays to find out the origin that targets may have access to?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




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