You Lost

You lost, is what the psychopath said out of nowhere. Yes, I am still enduring the bludgeonings of a psychopathic killer using psychotropic weapons. Neurophones at its best maybe?

He said this while I was starting the movie Fifty Shades of  on my families television in the basement of their home. This will possibly be my sixth time watching the movie because I am adamantly in love with his Christian Grey’s Fifty Shades of Fucked Up. Without all of the bondage crap (even though he really did peak my interest), that Sir is undoubtedly the perfect shade of Grey, in my opinion. The perfect combination of the perfect man without being perfect at all.


I have just finished reading all three of E L James books…


Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades of Freed.

It was one of the most pleasurable reads of my life. I can’t wait to read more of E L James works. I even have a story idea if their interested. 😉 Then again, I just might write it myself. I pray that I can do it justice. By the way Christian Grey, my favorite book growing up was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.


I loved British Literature. Who knew?

Anyway, back to my story… As I said before my thoughts rudely interrupted, I was starting the movie and there in the basement was a voice…

You lost, he said. Hmmm. It had so many meanings to me but still question his intent for saying this to me. I lost? What did I lose? Ok, let me see. Hmmm.

What I lost

1. My children

2. My family

3. My independence

4. My privacy

5. My life

6. My security

7. My body and natural beauty

8. My money and dreams

9. My Fifty Shades?

10. Need I Go On?

They have stolen my life and have the audacity to brag about it or was there another meaning in which I have not been familiarized with? Because my perpetrators do not have the ability to care about anything or anyone, they can’t imagine the hurt that they have caused so many families no matter what type of technology. That level of hurt is beyond any analysis or statistic that may ever procure.

I have undergone so much negativity and criminal activity while being stalked. Too much for any normal human being to take and they would have the audacity to continue to run their mouths off at me as if they ever knew me firstly, and secondly, they would say things like, “YOU LOST”, as if I had been in some type of competition with them. Really? Obviously, these psychopaths were too punk-@as to actually invite real people into real competitions and we all know why. It it simply because they would not win.

No wonder they are stabbing everyone in the back. Real confrontation to a person’s face would be deadly. And our government wants to take our guns away? For what when their are nothing but a bunch of thugs in your wake? Hell, they did it!

You lost. Well, thanks for stating the obvious.

Last night, I was shocked to to shot at around 4:00am. Then again at 4:11am. The shock that I received at 4:11am hurt like hell and there were mini pulses afterwards. The attack did not last as long as the last time which was Tuesday morning. Pretty close to the same time.

Can we assume that these demonic thugs are already out of their minds while under the influence of drugs and alcohol by early morn in Danville? I wouldn’t be at all surprised. There is hardly anything else left to do here. Another reason why I preferred to live in Georgia.

Last night as my stalkers were yelping, they mentioned the name Dwayne and it made me flash black to earlier that day when I was out and about with family and I saw a guy that I recognized from the past. He was heavily dreaded. Dark-skinned aand driving a black jeep. He saw me before he pulled up behind us and then went about his way but I couldn’t shake the urge to figure out where I knew him from. Then it dawned on me that he may have been the same guy whom my ex-husband may have bought his movie DVDs from.

Call me crazy but I started wondering if it was this guy that also helped to introduc my ex to this God-awful crap organization. Then when my stalkers continued to yelp last night it struck me then that the name Dwayne took me back to the guy whom I saw earlier with the dreads. My ex had introduced us way back when and if I am not mistaken, Dwayne was his name. Excuse me for thinking aloud but why do stalkers want to get in your face ALL the time? And what does this dude Dwayne have to do with me? Just like the Chancery’s and Courtney’s of the world. What?

Maybe their chosen phrase, “You lost,” is really in no way in refection of me. Maybe it is really a subconscious phrase that they may need to decipher on their own. A phrase that may become their own story in a nutshell.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




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