More Moments In Hell- A TI Testimony



My journey has been a long one. Every day that I go through life as a Targeted Individual, my life just seems to get worse and worse. I feel as if I am being pulled into the flames of hell for things that were never really my fault. It is painful.

It is amazing to see what my perpetrators have conspired in order to tear my once lovely life into itty bitty little pieces. But what really amazes me the most is the fact that I am still surviving the torments of my not so dear megalamaniacs. Someone once told me that I must have a hellion of angels just based on my most recent events. It is even exhausting for me to think about. All I could think of to say was that, yes, no matter what ‘man’ may think, I am definitely HIS baby. I should be dead but I have, once again, noticed that my GUARDIANS are still there.

This thing called gang stalking, cause stalking, or whatever they choose to call it (it is all the same) has depleted me high hopes for the future and my health but yet I am still hanging around. It is absolutely amazing!

Most recently, I was forced to leave Georgia. I am now back where I started from in the Virginia area. I absolutely hate it here but I don’t have many options at this point. So many awful things have happened to me that it is not surprising. I haven’t had a break from these psychos in years. They pretty  orchestrate almost everything in my life to suit themselves without a care in the world about what could happen to me. It took me quite a while to realize that they simply do not care about human welfare unless it is their own welfare. I can also see that someone really does hate  women or maybe it is the fact that they they hate that we can reproduce. I don’t know that I have really cornered the real explanation behind why so many women are being downgraded, but if depopulation has anything to do with it then it lends to a better understanding, at least for me anyway.

After arriving back to Virginia early Tuesday morning, while trying to get some sleep after such a long, exhausting journey, my stalkers had a field day on body. I can recall laying down on a sectional one way but, unfortunately, changing positions multiple times because of the radiation that they were inflicting on me in full force. It was very painful. They obviously could not wait until I came back into town. I can only assume that they loved the fact that I was closer in range.

I did not want to add more to their fun as to the reason why I absolutely abhorred coming back to Danville. They have only proved my pi t once again for attacking so quickly.

The radiation hit in my face multiple times until I turned away from the pointston the walls and/or furniture that sounded loudlay before the radiation hit my body. There was no mistaken the fact that I could hear the points of contact before it bounced off. I found myself walking to the area to see if I could locate where those points were and finally decided that there must be something buried in the walls but in that I am not certain.

After attempting to lay back down and then turning my back to that particular area referenced (hoping that they would just leave me alone), they shot my back over and over and over again. I thought it would never end. I even tried sleeping on the floor to no avail. What they do is ridiculous and unnecessary but it seems that using theses space-based weapons on people is how they get their kicks. Not because they it is by any means ‘necessary’. Our lives and bodies are being wasted for nothing. That is how I feel.

Tell me…what would a criminal that I never knew have to gain by taking away my life? If it is for insurance purposes, know that it is a fraud because I don’t have any and no one that I know has any on me either. I have signed nothing. Or maybe it was as I had already predicted. Personal vendetta using criminal hitmen and gangs members that barely know their heads from their nasty tails. Needless to say, it is unbelievable to see what these people are capable of.

Pray for me. I can’t stress that enough.

I could not even order a Pizza Hut pizza over the phone without the cashier lying about placing my order. When I called them back to to see where my pizza was, they first pretended not to be the people that I spoke with first of all and then acted as if the order had never been placed.

By the way, their head fetishes are still intact. They have been stabbing me in the head since I have been here. What a pleasure to be missed! Assholes.

More later. Thanks for listening. God Bless.

























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