Framed and Delayed-A TI Testimony

It has been a little while since my last blog entry. Honestly, I have been trying to work in order to pay for some of  my expenses. Even as targeted individuals, we still have to make money or we would so much as starve. Unfortunately, as targets, we a being absorbed in a world that prides on the depletion of  anything substantial that may belong to their victims. It seems that our WW3 has begun but it is on an entirely different level where they are using our own people (our friends, families, etc.) to do us in.

I wish every day that I was never a part of this. But, when I think about the type of people that I may have been involved with my entire life and then I think about the sociopathic personalities’ of those that are stalking me, I find that my victimization in these programs were to be almost inevitable. Ex-Celebs, no matter how minor they may be and their friends thereof, have played a major part in destroying my life. It is sad, but, based on my relationships of the past, it is already true. Even though, I never lived their ‘supposed’ lifestyles.

I was eventually a mother, wife, and entrepeneur. Always trying to find different ways to increase my family’s monetary gains minus the limelight.

That is one reason why it is so confusing to me as to why I am going through any of this. My money was mine because I worked for it. Not, as Jim Todd (one of my ex-managers’) had once told a co-worker. He told them that I was trying to sleep my way up the ladder. That was actually funny to me. Believe me, if I may have had that type of relationship with anyone in the past, it was because I wanted to and, as the story goes, we may have actually enjoyed one anothers’ company. Go figure! Did you know that sometimes things actually happen that way without a woman actually prostituting themselves for financial gain! Who knew?! 😉 Still he was determined to make me out to be some type of whore to be abused and disrespected. At the time, I couldn’t figure out why my personal life was any of his business. Back then, I did not know a smidget about gang stalking. Now that I know ,more about the program, I can see his angle. It was definitely dafamtion of character at its best and he had a lot of help coordinating it. Men can be such children!

As to current events, well, there still isn’t any really good news to report.  My mother is trying desperately to push me into selling what little I have left in my storage unit. She says that it will help me pay for the judgement that my ex-landlord has so lavishly slapped on my credit report. A good 1400.00 dollars folks. I can vouche for the fact that these buttholes really know how to throw you a bill so that it is harder for you to move forward.

Now, under normal circumstances, I may have thought about her suggestion but, now, I really have to focus more on motives knowing that my mother has already helped them to destroy her own daughters life and her childrens’. She has even had me arrested twice for nothing in order to make it seem that I have been hospitalized for a mental disorder. From what an ex-sheriff has told me, whether it was true or not, it will stay on my record forever and the police will see it as well. I guess you can also hear the news if something terrible were to happen. Like most targets, the story will lean more towards myself, the subject in question, having mental issues (which I do not) based on the fact I have been to the hospital. The reports are there for all to see. The perfect setup for most targeted individuals no matter how conspiring it or they may be.


So far it seems that they have convinced people that I should be left with without anything. Including my own furniture that they never helped pay for and never would have. Somehow, they still think they have the right to deprive me of what I, by myself, bust my ass to obtain. Another method to make it seem that I have ‘nothing’ so that they can easily convince people of your desent but when did they ever pay a bill I wonder. These buttholes, no matter how much money they pretend to have, have never put a dime in my pocket or in my hand for that matter.

As if they haven’t done enough already to keep me unstable. Stealing my children, stealing my money, depleting me from the extra money needed in order to do what I need to keep a roof over my head. They have turned my own family against me while convincing others that I had never knew to treat me like a dog as if many of them new me. If they are going by my ex-husband’s testimony, then I know the reason why I am now stuck in their mess. He is a bona-fide criminal and a very pathelogical liar. It would be no wonder because he will say and do anything that will make him look good. I was his lifeline and he knew it. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Wow.

And speaking of my ex, I just learned this morning from my mother that my ex is acting as if he is so concerned with my body weight. Yes, he still literally confides in my mother. And about me no less. Why? I am assuming that you see their connection. He has even spoken of my furniture and how I should sell it as if it is any of his lowsy a&s (God, forgive me) business. If someone doesn’t get that psycho criminal and his pals off of my back…!

And why is he so worried about my body weight? We have been divorced since 2008, what does he to do with anything that has anything to do with me. As you can see, I am terribly angry. If he had any concern for me, then why is he preventing my daughter from calling me on his phone since he has taken two phones that I have bought for her, firstly. I can never even see my baby which is something that I never did with him when I had my children in my custody. Yeh, before the fake-off.

Secondly, I neither live with you and haven’t seen him but once in months. He neither feeds me or takes care of me in any kind of way. The 100. dollars in child support that he sends me every month is my money due to the fact that the state has granted him over three hundred and fifty dollars a month when I wasn’t present, so how is he responsible for anything that I do. How can you show concern and not mean it by gang stalking your ex-wife who took care of you, Mr. Filth?  Yep, I am angry. Let me get off the topic of him before I land myself on ‘Snapped’.

Lastly, as to current events, I have also learned from my mother, the devil’s advocate, that my aunt in Georgia has, again, spoken with my mother. They definitely love to keep something going. It was the same aunt whom I lived with in Conyers twice. The same one who kicked me out of her home the same number of times. Anyway, what has been said was that my aunt’s mother in Tennessee was the woman who aided and abetted in kicking me out of my own families’ hiome. From what I understand, and this is not a direct quote was, “You’d better get that girl off your couch because she is going nowhere.”

Now you should see how much my family obviously gives a shit about my circumstances. They know that I am having multitudes of problems monetarily so that it makes if harder to get anything done. Obviously, they are not having the same issues. So… would it be a crime if my circumstances were to turn around, while realizing what they have done, and turn my back on them as well? I am only human right?  And even in that, I still would never do the things to them that they have done to me.

It is incredible that I am the one that is going through this. Like last night, while I was trying to sleep, they kept flashing this light like a strobe in my face.  When they do this, I sometimes get radiated pretty badly after the light increases in brightness and momentum but not last night. They just continmued to flash the light in my face and I continued to try to block it with my sleeping bag until I finally went to sleep. Even as I type this, they are using their weapons on me while yap, yap, yapping away.

The hell that these people will face when this war, too, is over.

As the quote in the movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome said,

Don’t we wish it was that easy? If that quote were the case, our problems as Targeted Individuals would be solved.



By the way, seeing that these people never shut up, I have already been given the heads up about ‘Negril’.  I met a man in Danville, Va once who claimed to from there. He said that he was a retired cop ans a self-made millionaire. (They are deep in the police theme.) Anyway, this same man showed me a home that he once lived in that he wanted to rent and was thinking about renting to me. He gave me a walk through of the home and I was not impressed. From the bad condition of the carpets that he was not going to change to the bullet-proof doors and I think the windows were the same. (I know what your thinking. What the hell! But it is true.) He must have had a lot of enemies, I thought. And because he may be a member of the gang stalking cult club, it would be no wonder. The house was also very un-insulated and drafty.

Needless to say, I ended up renting something in better condition.

Do I think that this particular man had something to with my targeting? Absolutely, yes. Seeing that police brutality is their theme for my new existence, In my opinion, he was nutty enough to do the job. And, not to to be discriminatory or stereotypical but the amount of people wearing dreadlocks and other foreigners came to a steady increase while I was being bullied during my gang stalking in Virginia.  Coincidence?

Why would these psychos continue to scream Negril over and over again if something about it wasn’t true?

Why was I their business if it was?










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