World Record For…?







I just may break a new Guinness Book Record  for…

“The Most Times Kicked Out (Or Pushed Out) of Residences That You Never Owned or Rented”.

I have been pushed out 7 times already!

I think that I have just been removed from, yet, another home in the State of Georgia. I was only there by invitation but…

be comforted that I am never going to go the extra mile in the trust factor as long as I am forced to endure the viciousness of gang stalking.  These people are absolutely horrible. The more that I see, the more it makes me want to hurl.

This time around, I actually stayed for about two days tops at another home in Conyers, Georgia. It was typical of what I would have expected. (I will explain more about that later. You know I have to do details and I have run out of time!)

As it is, it seems that my stays have shortened in length since I have lived in Ga since 2013. Especially since I have become even more unable to afford my own home again. My short stays are now no more than two or three days tops. If I get a week, I’m lucky. I know that my goons are thrilled!

Thanks for listening… God Bless!






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