They Just Stole My Jump Drive!


After writing my last blog entry, I forgot to retrieve my jump drive from the library computer at Salem-Panola library in Dekalb county. I do not believe that it was even five minutes before my jump-drive was gank-ed.

I went back into the library to retrieve my jump drive from the computer that I was working on and I saw that it wasn’t there. How could it not be there when I knew that the computer that I was on was the only computer that it could be found. I know this because, in my last post, there was a drawing that I did that could only be found on that particular jump drive.

The history of the jump drive…

This particular jump drive saved everything that I found important from from last computer that had eventually crashed. It is the only thing left that saved my personal information. From my son’s JROTC experience, my personal photo shoots, to my daughter after having her hair done. My jump drive had history. My families history that cannot be replaced. My personal art and writings are also present on my jump drive. It is very valuable to me so I can understand why they may have felt the need to take it.

When I returned to the library in an attempt to rescue my jump drive, there was a black female already sitting there with no jump drive in site. I asked her if she had seen a jump drive that was left in the computer and she said no. She had not seen it but she never looked at me when she said it. Then, I noticed that she left immediately after I asked her about. She could not have been on the computer for more than ten minutes.

Yes, I watched.

So if there are any pictures of myself or any other information floating around. Poetry included that I have not posted myself… needless to say, it wasn’t me. I know my material so if anyone uses it, guaranteed, I will know. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

My thing is…How much info about me do they really want? Why is stealing my jump drive beneficial? I have been gang stalked for a number of years. You will never convince me that they do not have enough information.

I will be the first to admit that I am not only frustrated but disappointed in my own people. It seems that they are desperate enough to destroy their own people and also desperate enough to eventually destroy themselves.

Thank God that my business ideas an inventions are not included on that particular jump drive. This is the second jump drive that I have had, by the way, that has somehow disappeared. Talk about desperate. If I was not worth the knowledge, why would they ever feel the need to steal from me?

According to Jeree Barksdale who worked at Schewels Furniture in Danville, I am ‘NOTHING’ so WTF?


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