All About An Ex

A man that is almost non-existent online. Big Mike, an employee of or was at Lou’s Barbershop in Danville, Virginia. He is, no doubt, a gang stalker in my mind. He did mention that he had a ‘HUGE’ family!

As TI’s we already know how HUGE their organization really is.

Big Mike and I had a very brief relationship. He was also a good friend and possibly a relative of Ferrell Edmunds who retired from the Miami Dolphins and who is also from the same city. Go figure!

Ferrell Edmunds, Miami Dolphins Retiree, a good friend or relative of Big Mike


(To Ferrell) Sorry, honey, but I have got to give just a little bit of info about my circumstance. This is a matter of life and death you see and I would rather live for my children than to live for all of yours and his wretchedness. Sorry!

These boys love attention!

Between the two, I have discovered an entirely new life. A life that I never wanted. A life dealing in gang stalking. I never imagined that anyone could be capable of such a thing but, as I stand, it is true beyond anything that we have ever known.

Big Mike, who claimed to once being a part of the New York Jets and was kicked off due to drugs, proposed to me in his car on a highway going towards Greensboro, NC. We were going to a nightclub but never made it inside. We did end up in a cheap hotel, though. Does this sound like marrying material to you, folks? I didn’t think so. (Thank God that this took place years ago. I might have actually been embarrassed!)

To make matters worse, it was rumored that he was already committed to another woman and I, although separated, was still married at the time.

What kind of proposal was that? What ‘woman’ would agree to such a thing. I seriously thought he was joking. And he might have been seeing that I was a Target without knowing.

This is not a blog entry that I have created to be mean and hateful. I will only state the facts because the facts do matter. I am not being gang stalked for no reason what so ever. That is my point.

I remember the last time that I saw Big Mike. I was sunning on the beach at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and then I saw him. He had a child with him but we never spoke. I do recall that he said.

“You should have been my wife.”

Believe me when I say that he was not talking directly in my face but he was talking at me. My backside was face up. Sorry.

I never took him seriously. Now I am paying for it. It is Goon Squad USA!




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