Something Like A Grid… In My Bathtub?


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(The top image was produced by the 1.25″ grid hologram/single beam 635nm laser collimator)

Something Like A Grid… In My Bathtub?

The above image may seem a bit spooky to some but if you really want to get spooked, try experiencing this particular grid’s affects in real life. The is a photo above is simple illustration of, yet, another torture technique used on my person in Danville, Virginia.

I know what your thinking. It’s  an electrical grid. What is she talking about? To be frank, it was hard for me to believe that this kind of cruelty existed. Let me explain further. ..

A few years back, I rented a one-story, three-bedroom house on Camden Street in Danville, Virginia. The property was owned at that time by Quinn Properties. One of the owners was a volunteer fire fighter.

Throughout my residence there (for approx. 3 yrs), my son and my daughter both resided with me. It was our home. The home itself was small but I managed to make it comfortable for us. Well…at least it was comfortable in the beginning, anyway. Eventually, my many gang stalking tragedies followed.  They truly personalized my ‘street theater’.  The evilness amongst my stalkers was endless and their many intrusions in our home was something like living in a Terror-Dom.

One of those many intrusions was similar to what you see in the above photo.

My torture… a laser grid that had been positioned on the shower wall above the tub in our bathroom. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was located on a wall…in my shower!

It looked almost identical to what you see above. The scariest part of it was that it wasn’t just a grid on the shower wall. When it began to glow florescent red, it literally heated up. Like the burner on a electric oven. It would get so ho it to the point where it would burn my skin as it glowed.  I had no idea why it was there and it wasn’t there in the beginning. As a matter of fact, the grid had never appeared until the Quinns’ remodeled our bathroom. Coincidence?

When the grid cooled you could barely see that it was there but if you really took a good look, you could really see the grids outline on the shower wall from where the heat imprinted it.

It seemed that every time I would step into the tub to shower, the grid would suddenly appear and it would start its slow red glow until it was too hot to stand. When I stepped outside and away from the tub, the red glow would begin to fade and the heat would lesson. I remember a time when I had to stay away from the shower for two days straight because the burning from the grid was too intense for me to handle. I couldn’t put a toe in without being fried alive.

I told my landlords, the Quinns’, about the mysterious grid. I had even sent the husband a photo of it. He claimed that it was a reflection from the sun coming in from a window. If that was the case, the sun was hot as hell inside the almost ceiling to floor prefab bathtub in a windowless bathroom. Since when did the sun decide to design its own apocalyptic bathtub?

The landlords never even came out to the house to take a look at the time of my complaint…   At that point, it was no longer a coincidence.

More on this story later…




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