More News On the FFCH?

Sent: Monday, November 2, 2015 4:06 PM


Delores & Max
You and the other Board Members stood by for TEN YEARS with no oversight of
Derrick Robinson while he bankrupt and drove the largest group of targeted
individuals in the USA into the ground.
I am absolutely amazed that so many targeted individuals fell for that
choreographed nonsense on the phone with Derrick tonight!  You have them
fooled well!  To bad they don’t know that entire ruse was based on a
mathematical model called the Hyper Game Theory!
You made a serious legal mistake letting Derrick Robinson on the call
tonight but that’s what Perps like you are good at, isn’t it?
Don’t contact me again!
Kind Regards
Bryan Tew

Neil is also a government perpetrator. Max Harrison, DeeDee Hall, and yes
even Derek as I said before they are all government perpetrators who have
injected themselves into positions of influence and leadership in the
largest organization of targeted individuals in the USA.
That whole debacle last night that knock down drag out fight between Derek
Robinson and the other members of the board followed by how sweet and
wonderful Derek truly was and how it was necessary for all the targeted
individuals in Freedom from Covert Harassment to continue to work with Derek
in the new group that he is starting. It was all a false flag. It was all a
ruse. Everything the CIA and DIA Hive Mind Teams do is based on deception
and manipulation.
Do you remember how Derek Robinson said he was starting a new group on the
phone and that his new group would welcome any targeted individuals and mind
control victims from FFCH?  It was all choreographed and nothing more than a
big ruse.
What the CIA and DIA hHive Mind Teams are doing is trying to break FFCH up
into smaller groups instead of one large group where the mind control victim
are more easily managed manipulated and controlled.
As soon as I tried to type up this email my computer shut off before I could
post it before I could finish typing it even though I still have power to my
computer and this was done to force me to start over from the beginning so
they could record the text in real time and alter it in real time or the
future after its transmitted if they so choose basing this disruption tactic
on the mathematical model known as the hyper game theory.  This helps them
discredit the post if they don’t ALTER the text!  Hyper Game Theory!
The government Perpetrators are using, primarily, three methods to bring
FFCH to a complete standstill, paralyzed, unable to effectively communicate
with its members and other targeted individuals:
2.  MISINFORMATION (Half-Truths)
3.  MISDIRECTION (Blocking & Distraction Methods)
They are injecting themselves into all Targeted Individual TALKSHOE forums,
including FFCH, and onto the Buddy List on the FFCH Website.  They are the
ones complaining about those of us who speak the truth.  They are paid by
the government to discredit, disrupt and deceive.  That is their job, and
also to prevent a credible discussion of the issues targeted individuals
They will continue to engage in this egregious behavior on a daily and
nightly basis until they have effectively brought FFCH to a standstill,
paralyzed, unable to function properly or get its message out.
The break with Derrick Robinson is just a ruse to break FFCH up into two
organizations instead of one where targeted individuals who are Mind Control
victims can be more easily manipulated and controlled.
You should seriously consider leaving TALKSHOE for a new more secure
internet forum where Perps are limited by more efficient rules of dialogue.
In my opinion now is the best time to make that change.
The Board Members should be forced out immediately!
Kind Regards

Bryan Tew

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