On My Birthday, 11-11-76- A TI Testimony

This blog entry was written on 11-11 of 2015. Yes. it was my birthday.

Hi again…

It’s my birthday today but, unfortunately, there is nothing celebratory going on as I continue to go through life as a Targeted Individual. Today, I am 39 years old and I honestly can’t remember the last time I have actually had a very good holiday of any kind. It’s been such a long time being pushed around and framed that you would think that my perps were living my life for me because this life is not the life I would have chosen for myself. So many years have been wasted in dealing with these criminals but for what?

As most of you know, I was, literally, homeless and sleeping in my car until it was impounded no more than a week ago. I was very skeptical about calling my aunt in Conyers (for good reason) but I did. It was a HUGE mistake. Now I am having to deal with finding somewhere else to go. And none of it is my fault. These psychos seem to be sitting around peering at me every day, all day long. I can here yapping from any part of a room no matter where I am. I can’t even go outside to enjoy the peacefulness of nature because they would rather I be subjected to their ghetto tirades. Speaking of, what the hell is being ’Bach-ed’ suppose to mean? And what does someone being ’Docked’ have to do with me?

Anyway, here is a brief summary of my housing experience in Georgia’ since July of 2013.

1. Eaglewood Circle, Lithonia- Stayed with my uncle until he told me to leave. The electricity was disconnected (not for the first time) while he was out of town. He became upset with me when I reached out to his female ‘friends’ for some monetary assistance because he claimed that he didn’t have the funds. I guess I had messed up his hustles so he yelled at me over the phone to leave his house. I did eventually after living in a cold, dark house for possibly over a week. There was only so much grilled food that I could eat.

2. Amberbrook Drive, Conyers- My uncle’s ex-wife’s home. She invited me to stay with her and my many cousins. It is a trip to know how frequently God’s name slips from devilish lips. I was consistently targeted by my own family. There is nothing fun about being fried to death by people who are suppose to care about you. I truly believe that they were working with my ex-husband’s bullies based on the frequency of my attacks. They must have been working on their own monetary boosts by doing what the ‘devils’ told them to do against me. It wouldn’t have been as if they didn’t need it because Lord knows they did. So much unnecessary drama. My own funds, however, was steadily depleted. The more they got bonused, the more I went broke.

3. Task Force-Downtown Atlanta- The shelter that my daughter and I ended up at after I was evicted from my aunts home. It was dreadful. That is all that I will say about that at the moment.

4 Hartford Drive, Ellenwood, Georgia- Someone that I worked with invited my daughter and I to her home. It was alright until my daughter left to go back to her father after her summer visit. I felt that my perps finally had me where they wanted me then. I was finally alone so that they could play with my life however they wanted to now that she was gone. This chapter of my life ended with an ultimatum. Either I fork some rent money (in which I did not have or I would have to have a threesome with she and her husband. I guess my perps wanted some free porn. Perverts. I had to leave on a one day order to get out because I declined. As if the NSA doesn’t have enough free porn for everybody. Why would anyone want to give that type of show for free anyway?

5. US Hwy 138, Covington- I found him on Craigslist the same day that I had to leave Ellenwood. But I am starting to believe that he found me. I believe that he was a ‘plant’. It was as if is ad appeared out of nowhere and was almost what I needed at the time. We met the same day that I called him. He turned out to be a Morrocan man who had a Caucasian wife and two children. He claimed to be a retired Sheriff and chef. All I had to was baby sit and clean two days a week. I did more than my share. Still, I found myself grabbing my things out of his truck in the parking lot of my job after he claimed that three black men had come to his home looking for me, he had to call the police, and one of these was arrested. It turned out that everything he said was a lie. He made it all up.

6. I eventually began sleeping in my car with the occasional hotel visit when I had a little extra money. I still love the heat of a hot shower. They led me choice. Now, I couldn’t get a hotel room even if I wanted to because they have confiscated my drivers’ license due to unpaid child support. Not to fail to mention, they have impounded my car. It is not rocket science, folks.

7. Salem Rd, Conyers- Met a Caucasian woman in the parking lot at a Conyers library. She felt to me as if she were some kind of plant as well. I don’t think it was a coincidence that she parked beside me twice in a big empty parking lot way before the library opened. She took me home with her the same day. Told me to check out a Bible because she wanted to help cleanse me of all of my demons after hearing my story. She also wanted to help by taking me to get a ‘Fire’ baptism. Now, I have never been baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit, and knew it, so I don’t know how that would have worked out. How is it that some of those that claim to be baptized are the biggest devils of them all? It’s as if they think being baptized is their permission slip to sin. Anyway, to make a long story short, I was with this woman for only days. When I got off from work the third day, I went to the library to catch up on some of my more personal endeavors. When I made it back to her home and told her where I had been, she became highly upset that I did not make time to watch a video by a British pastor in reference to demonic possessions as part of my ‘cleansing’ process. I wasn’t trying to do the work, she said. So with that said, I had to leave. It wasn’t as if she had given me a time table on what to watch and when to watch it. Besides, it was only day three and the first time that I had made it to the library since I met her. No big deal, right? Wrong!
It was just another method to keep me even more unstable.

8. Needless to say, I was living in my car all again. A place where I actually felt safer than any where that I had already been. Then, as it turned out, my car (my home) became impounded.

9. On that day, I ended up back at my aunt’s and now it is the same story all over again. I now have to leave once again. As a matter of fact, the deadline is the tomorrow. The day after my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I didn’t get diamonds, money, or a new car. All I am getting is asphalt. Not surprising in the least.

My mother and my aunt are already teaming up to get me to agree to go back to Virginia. The very place that I do not want to go back to. A place that I can no longer call home. A place where my life and my body was undergoing murder of the worst kind. The place where it all began. Why would anyone want to?

My question to my parents was this: What? Do you want them to finish the job?

I have been tortured here in Georgia as if I am still in Virginia. What’s the difference? If they can murder me there then I would assume that they can murder me here. Why do I have to go all the way to Virginia to meet my grave? I guess the FFCHS ‘eat dirt’ policy applies whether your in the grave or not.
It is a shame, but nothing, not even William Henley, can beat this ‘horror of the shade“ I‘m afraid.

Even through it all, I have never relinquished my faith in God. But if you my abusers tell it, I am not a person of faith or any substance. Mind you, their lies are abundant while they are steadily running my life into the ground. It’s not fair and nor should it be allowed, yet it is really happening. If you find yourself on a downhill slope and you don’t know why, more than likely you are a victim of gang stalking. Welcome to the club for you are now a Targeted Individual.

Today, I was told that my ex-husband is trying to intentionally send

Thanks for listening and God Bless.


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