Another Bad Ass Day-A Story of Police Brutality (A Targeted Individual Testimony)


I have no good news today, as usual. Not that I ever do. 🙂

Unfortunately, my car was impounded today. Yes, you got it. It was the car that I slept in. As many of you already know, I am homeless. I can almost hear my perpetrators making snide remarks as they sat on their lazy behinds and surveillanced the entire event. Possibly jumping up and down like a bunch of monkeys and Hi-fiving to their current victory over me. I am so worn out from their constant battles that continuously drop in my lap. Everyday they pull something completely different.

Honestly, I will take responsibility for why my car was towed but I am not going to take the responsibility for the events that led up to this incriminating situation.

Just to be clear, the reason why I am temporarily no longer in access of my car was due to a blowed taillight. Then it escalated to  expired tags and somehow having a suspended license in which I did not even know anything about. It turns out that Child Support enforcement decided to suspend my license because of arrearage that is somehow owed on my account. The same child support that I should never have owed to begin with. If some of you don’t know already, my ex husband is still paying child support to me but not every dime that is due. He was ordered to pay over 500.00 dollars a month for two children and then he fought for a reduction which he received but still he only sends 100.00 every month which is not even the full monthly  payment. Somehow, the State of Georgia agreed that he should receive child support even though he is still paying. They really pulled a bait and switch in my case.

Now, I am barely receiving 30.00 a week after the payments that are being drafted depending on how much I work from the previous week. Keeping me broke and disgusted is very evil but they truly seem to be enjoying it. I am broke! What do they want me to do?

I still do not understand why they would actually go to the extreme of suspending my license outside of just wanting to keep me in complete misery, It doesn’t make sense seeing that child support is being drafted automatically and his order just began earlier this year. When my ex-husband was over ten thousand dollars behind in child support, do you think that they locked him up? I even doubt if his license was ever touched.

I am honestly more concerned about my perpetrators rigging my car with surveillance equipment or more weapons than I am about anything else, I think. They have taken such advantage of me for so many years that I have learned to assume the worst in my dealings with them.

I was even appalled the police did not even question me when I told them that I was getting radiated but she did question me when I said that I was a Targeted Individual. Yes, you would think that they would be more concerned about dangerous weapons that are now being used on innocent civilians but honestly they weren’t.

The second cop who showed up on the scene, eventually,  in a calm voice, asked me if I would like for him to take me to a hospital after I described what I had already went through, including two previous arrests in Virginia instigated by my mother. I was arrested twice in order that they could give me a mental evaluation which pretty much showed that nothing was wrong with me. I honestly think that it was all an act. Especially after I had previously instituted myself by begging the emergency room doctor to admit me. I was there for a week. Had the MRI and everything. It was all so scripted and silly. Outside of depression because of my depressing situation, they claimed that I was fine. Now, the MRI took place after my perps had already violated my body with their weapons. It also happened after they lasered my head. I can only imagine what the x-ray tech saw. The word WOW was the only thing that she decidedly said to me.

Now that I think back on all of the incidences that have happened between myself and law enforcement, it is unbelievable, even to me, that I am still here. Worse case scenario would be that they kill me but, God-willing, I pray that that does not happen. I am already half dead as it is and no, that is not a pun. I feel sorry for myself because I truly believe that the KKK and the NSA are strongly involved in my torture.

Police Incidents:

-Arrested in Gwinnett County in the 90s for a return check that was just a little over thirty dollars. Not 100. or 200. or even 5000. dollars. Do you think that someone just needed something to do? Or was that their way of adding me the system? (In Georgia)

-Arrested by cop while parked for a DWI charge. The cop made me blow over and over again in the breathalyzer machine before getting the results that he needed to warrant my arrest. From what I have read, that alone was illegal. He really ticked me off, though, because I was parked in front of the apartment in which I lived and the door was only a few feet away. I could have walked my non drunk behind inside the front door easily if he had let me. After hiring a lawyer, the charges were later dropped because the officer failed to sign off on the test results so the evidence was not admissible. (In Virginia)

-Mental evaluation No# 1: I was pulled over and arrested by a Caucasion police officer while my children and nieces were in the vehicle. They watched as the officer through me chest first and very hard against the driver door of my vehicle and was handcuffed. They drove me to the hospital a doctor came talked to me in one of the waiting areas of the hospital. Mind you, I was wearing handcuffs on my wrists while I waited and they went the extra length of shackling my ankles as well. (In Virginia)

-Mental evaluation #2- I was arrested by a police officer who did not feel as if I needed to be cuffed or shackled and it turned out that, by his claims, he did not know why I was arrested to begin with because they did not have the proper paperwork. (In Virginia)

-While parked in a hotel parking lot and sound asleep, a police officer walked to my car and flashed his flashlight in my face through the passenger door window. He then got in his vehicle and drove away. (In Georgia)

-A police officer pulls in front of my vehicle to block and then pulls his cell phone out and takes a picture of me while I watched him do it. I did not know that it was a phone until I saw the flash. It could have been a gun for all I knew. I reported the incidence to 911 emergency. The operator never asked for the vehicle number of the officer in question and the only thing that she said at the end of the call was “Ok, thank you,” in a meek voice,” and that was it. (In Georgia)

-Police officers follow me everywhere I go. Some drive by my vehicle, stop for a little while, and then drive off for no apparent reason.  And as many cops that I have run into, not one of them had pulled me over until now. (In Georgia)

-A female, Caucasian policer officer beehives behind me while I was attempting to go the store. It was if she were on a mission. I believe that she already had plans in regards to impounded my vehicle. I just pray that they do not rig it in anyway as if they really need to. They never have a problem tracking me down. That is the problem with being bugged. The second officer who was also a Caucasion, asked if I wanted him to take me to the hospital. (See above) I see now that they would rather initiate your confinement on their own accord rather than for you to do it yourself seeing that I had already been there and done that. That wouldn’t aide to their ego, now would it? I did tell the officer that it is funny how I have had my check up but the ones who are trying to institute may not have had theirs.

-I have even attempted to call the police in order to get a child welfare check on my daughter and as it turned out, the cop never went to the home and at neither time did they speak to my daughter about anything that may have happened to her. I mean what kind of justice do we have if your child has made a suicide attempt, was down a set of stairs, and spit on by a criminally abusive father and no one does anything about it?

These police officers are definitely on a mission to harass me and my family and I feel that they are having a jolly good time doing it. I am in the middle of police brutality at its finest and it is just a bit scary when you can report them but no one is doing a damn thing about it. As I have said before, the worst case scenario would be that they actually kill me but I will pray that it does not go that far. Pray for my family. It seems that the police have gotten the OK to whatever they please so we have got to be very careful. I know most of you are familiar with the story of Sandra Bland who died in jail after a routine traffic stop. RIP Sandra Bland.

To make my day even worse, my daughter finally called me today from her father’s phone to tell me that her dad wanted me to go to the courts to file paperwork for him to sign over her custody back to me. This is further evidence to me that he was up to know good this entire time yet my daughter and I are the ones being pushed out of my own lives. Does anyone feel like I do at this point? That everything that he and his pals have done to us so far has been nothing but a waste of time.

This gets better, though. How about the aunt that I had to call after my car was impounded , the aunt that evicted me months ago, the aunt that helped instigate my current homeless situation is now a 911 operator. She had applied for the job when I was still residing with she and her family and then suddenly I had to leave her home. Does anyone see the connection here?

This was not my life! They are crushing every dream, every idea or invention that I have ever had and for what purpose? Is showing off the only thing that these people are good at?

I can’t wait for the day that my daughter and I, as well as my son, can finally have the happiness that we both truly deserve.

It’s amazing how fast you can come from a full-time job, medical and dental insurance, 401K , a home, stating a business, money in the bank, etc. to all of this. Yet, I accept it all with a grain of salt. These people hold no importance to the many blessings that God has in store for me and my children. I know that for certain. Life used to be so simple. All I can say is NAMASTE!

May God Bless You All, Thanks for Listening!



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