It Was A Rough Day Today-A TI Testimony

It was a rough day today. I have found that the crime syndication still refuses to allow peace to Targeted Individuals. Still up to their old tricks. Nothing much has changed since the day that I had discovered that I was a Targeted Individual.

At work today, they attacked my head consistently while I attempted to work. The constant needling was more than annoying and painful. It is so hard to believe that these men and women really believe themselves to be desirable as they run around abusing the bodies and lives of people. It is, by far, the biggest joke in history when you hear them talking about being ‘wedded’ and ‘bedded’ as their so childish lingo describes. No normal human being would volunteer to give themselves to these raunchy few. I just couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t but as they say, there must be somebody for everybody in their teams of desperation and deceit. To me, it is soooooo not attractive.

I am currently writing this blog entry from a public library. And as I am typing this, they are still needling me. It is not funny but they seem to think that their evilness is funny so they carry on with minimal breaks. when I say needling, I do literally mean that it feels as if they are constantly stabbing you with tiny needles over and over again. The top of my head has become more sensitive to their attacks possibly due to the laser attacks that I received to my head while driving in my car a few years back. That situation alone is another story on its own.

Can I ask you a question?

Why would it be wrong for any TI to attack their own perpetrators. If they abuse us in this way, why would we be guilty of anything outside of self-defense? How do gang stalkers think that they can torture their targets’ to death with someone retaliating? Eventually, it will happen that what goes around comes around. Wouldn’t you agree? As a matter of history, it has already happened too many times for any of us to remember where people finally get fed up. In my opinion, I think that the reason there hasn’t been a total revolution against the tyrannies that we are now suffering is because there are more God-believers than we would have imagined. Sometimes we have to give HIM the problems that we can’t control.

I sat on a couch in the library reading a book a little after seven pm this evening. As usual, I was minding my business as usual when a young man made a loud noise and then immediately I was being radiated. The radiation to my left side happened twice before I decided to go to a computer and write about it.

I could see if I were some type of terrorist, mobster, gang member, or at least someone who may have had a lot of enemies as to reason that I am being so abused; but that is not he case. My targeting, I believe, had begun due to many FROGS that had come in and out of my life. Never did I run into a Prince Charming that I could take seriously. Their grudges run very deep. I am sure you are now seeing the pettiness in my situation. My attacks are for hardly any reason whatsoever. They even sent their groupies after me. To that I am quite sure. And it all started vehemently in the the small city of Danville, Virginia. Sadly, the groupie attacks are just part of the story.

It is still hard for me to believe but I am definitely living proof and here to tell the story.


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