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According to a recent email sent from the FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance) on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 11:09 PM in regards to the release of Derrick Robinson, the, now, former President…

This is what the FFCHS had to say.

A Major Change

“Over the last ten years, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) has

slowly evolved from a handful of targets to several hundred members. During that time,

there were both successes and failures. Recently, the board of directors has engaged in

efforts to decentralize the leadership of FFCHS to make the organization more transparent

and more efficient. Those efforts led to rewriting the by-laws to make FFCHS more

responsive to the targeted community, electing a treasurer for the first time in FFCHS’s

history (previously the president had also served as treasurer), and finally removing the

past president.


Although the board regrets having to remove the president, it did so unanimously as a

result of administrative issues that it felt threatened the very future of FFCHS. The

board felt that this action was in the best interest of the organization and the targeted

community. Nevertheless, the board recognizes Derrick for his contributions as president

over the last almost fifteen years, and it wishes him the best.

FFCHS remains committed to identifying and networking with victims of organized stalking

and remote electronic assault, educating the public about harassment issues, urging the

passage of laws to protect victims, and advocating for victims of those crimes. The board

welcomes comments, suggestions, and complaints by the targeted community in the board’s

efforts to strengthen our organization to address our issues.”

Best Regards,
FFCHS Board of Directors

Of course, I guess the questions that are now lodged in many Targeted Individuals minds are… Who will be the next President of the FFCHS and will they, this time, commit to actually reading and answering an email??? Or at least tell the truth about it anyway.


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