To Wreckless Abuse There Is No Excuse

For many years, I have been misused and abused and now my daughter is going through it as well. She is only fifteen years old. Why is it that I sometimes feel as if the parties’ involved in my and her assaults are literally attempting to throw us back to an unwanted time differential. A place relative to possibly Babylon and the Stone Ages.

These people do not care what they do and while in the process of so much evil, that laugh and grin as if they are doing something really intelligent. When you hear their voices, they sound as if they have been morphed into a demon or hybrid-ed without an umbilical cord. I know, it is crazy but, honestly, they have never sounded like true human beings to me.

Last night, I was practically beaten up by their weapons. Over and over again, for most of the night (especially after 10:00PM) while I was attempting to go to sleep, they kept charging my body. It really felt as if a bomb kept exploding inside of me. My body was jerking constantly from the affects. It was a sad and lonely time for knowing that there was no one that I could go to so that I may rid myself of these false enemies. Everyone around me seems to quite enjoy being as evil as they can. I can’t even call the police because I have felt for a long time that I am always being re-routed to a member of their so called destructive ‘club’.  While I lay low, I could hear their members driving and walking past my vehicle. I could hear a young woman laughing to my left and then, eventually, another woman’s one syllable jibe to my right. Their women alone are beastly. My belief is that God made women to act like women. I refuse to believe that God wanted women to act any differently but these women have been trained to be as inhumane as their male counterparts. It makes me wonder how men can bed a woman that acts that way unless he has gay tendencies. Then again, it is none of my business. I don’t want to know, believe me. It is not that serious.

Now, I am going to give you an account in regards to a 911 call that I made previously that led me to believe that they quite frankly could care less if something happened to my daughter. It truly gave me pause and I began to realize how corrupt our society has become.

I called 911 to get a child welfare check on my daughter. Her father was being very abusive, as usual, but they acted as if his previous abuse (which is on record) and his current abuse to my daughter wasn’t relevant. I did feel the need to let them know that he had a history of abuse and I detailed some of these incidences. Now, in the past, during the time of my divorce proceedings that took place in Gwinnett County, Georgia, they police would definitely go to my ex’s home to check on my daughter during her, from what I like to call, imprisonment.

But, now, it seems, the new legal system created in the shadows seems to only protect the up and coming scumbags. I will have you know that the only thing that this officer did was make a phone call to my ex-husband. He did not feel the need to actually go to the home to check on her. Why would she deserve treatment like that?  I was so angry that day.   My ex now seems to think that he can get away with just about anything whether it is abusive or not. Someone has given him free will to do whatever he wants to anyone he wants to do it to. Including his only daughter who was and still is a very bright child. Before he corrupted her life, she was a honor student and was admitted into the Gifted program at her school. Now, due to the abuse of her father, she is not the honor student that she use to be but has all the potential to re-gain control of her life as long as she is no longer under her father’s wing.

She called me this morning and told me that her father spit in her face yesterday. He has also put a hole in her bedroom door. He is now threatening to call the police on her and send her to juvenile detention even though she hasn’t done a thing to deserve it. The only thing she wanted to do was to go to her homecoming dance and now he is beating her up about it. It was something that was totally normal and I do believe that his new wife Maisie Pakinston (If I have spelled her name right. All I would have to is look at my divorce paperwork. She was the one signing my ex-husband’s checks. Still wonder where his attitude change derived from?) From what my ex disclosed in court, she works at Dekalb County Housing Authority.

Now, I wouldn’t say this without witnessing, but she is one evil woman and very sneaky. I can’t very well say that I wasn’t disgusted at her when she bent way over for a police officer in Virginia while parked in my mother’s driveway to show off her tush as he was telling them to leave the premises. I can only assume that she will bend over for anything. Yes, the scene was very trifling and to make matters worse, she was with my ex-husband at the time and he was standing at the driver’s door of the car when it happened! It is very strange that she would do that knowing that her new husband was standing there but then again, whose to say that they are married at all? I don’t know and don’t care. As far as I am concerned, they can be deported together for all their worth.

I know that if I weren’t being trapped out by gangs, cults, and clubs, that my life would have more than likely been very successful. As I have just given away a huge secret, you now know the biggest fear in man. They hate to see anyone with the ability to have and do more than they do. And my ex is no exception.

…But… when the bounty falls, they’ll see that no one calls.

I heard a Perp say something this morning, from ‘the skies’, while I was driving that was absolutely disturbing. He said, You have too many skills.” What does that even mean, especially if you are an American citizen where any type of education is available if sought. Was every American suppose to be stupid? or Was it the fact that I am a ‘Black’ woman that was somewhat educated that caused the problem.


One more thing, I usually can tell who is targeting me by the use of their gang signs…the nose touch, the ear touch, the hand over the head, etc.,etc, etc… It’s like, wow, they still do that? Talk about the Stone Ages! Some use them, some don’t but it is amazing how serious they really are about what they do. I might even come up with a complete list of the signs that are being used as they are around me.


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2 responses to “To Wreckless Abuse There Is No Excuse


    i’m sorry to hear about your daughter. this is evil. i’m still trying to come to terms with how the actual fuck does this happen in the most sinister ways involving everyone. it has to be mind control. people are chipped and implanted by nefarious doctors and dentists while doing surgery, operations, injections and work done on their teeth then are remotely controlled. this is the only conclusion i can come to.

    i hope things get better. i’m still collecting evidence myself and hope to upload some off it as soon as i can but they are fuking with me and i’m losing some of my recording equipment i bought and they are somehow making me feel content t the situation i am in and that i don’t need to publish any of my evidence so i just go about my lazy day and not go online to document it.

    all the best, kieran.

    btw, my twitter account account is:

    • mstmha

      Thank you so much for the comforting words. My daughter would really appreciate the support and, believe me, so do I.

      I know exactly what your going through, I believe my Perps are responsible for the crash of two of my laptops. The motherboard became overheated in one and the second was so virus infested and slow that it was bound to crash eventually even with the aide of virus scans and so forth.

      To be honest, I don’t believe that my ex that has caused my daughter and I so many problems is under the influence of any equipmental mind control. Because he was, in my opinion, a natural-born criminal anyway (too bad I found out after it was too late), his major influences are, I think, his peers. They really know how to beat you up with lies and brainwashing techniques until they reach their agenda. It is just a theory.

      Thanks again and I will pray that you will get up and running. We need all the evidence we can get.

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