You Know Your Being Stalked When… (A Personal Experience)

You know you are being stalked when…

  1. Two days ago, my daughter and I were in the process of finding her Homecoming dress. In the dressing room in Macy’s, so many people were looking in on our fun that a male employee at the MAC counter employee decided to close a divider door that was connecting the dressing room to the MAC counter. I can only assume that many of my gang stalkers were watching to the point that it was very noticeable. It was probably obvious that my daughter and I were having a great deal of fun. Having fun is not what they want to see when your being victimized.
  2. You know your being stalked when your ex-husband drops your daughter off at your job and decides that he should show an appearance when he never felt the need to do that before. (Mind you, my daughter has been dropped off to me at my job without his presence.) And then, after hearing that you are merchandising on that day, the next day that you are scheduled to do merchandising, your manager calls you and tells you not to come in because he overheard your discussion with your daughter.
  3. You know you are being stalked when they limit your hours, even in the situation of being homeless.
  4. You know that you are being stalked when, on the day of your ex-husband’s appearance at your job, your gang stalkers decide to try to shock you silly before you go to sleep. (I thank God for my sleeping bag which, somehow, deflected their weapons or I never would have went to sleep.)
  5. You know you are being stalked when people begin showing up in huge numbers wherever you go.

*FYI…My ex-husband is one of my gang stalkers and, from what I have been told, he is planning to go back to Africa (where he is from) next year. For what reason? Truth or Fiction?


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