The PAST Imprisons and The SHADOWS Seek

And so the clock ticks on, and our story comes to no real end here. Daylight fades into dusk, and night brightens into dawn, as the days pass, and the years rise up swiftly and speed on, and the earth spins on its axis and makes its endless circlings of the sun. The PAST moves relentlessly forward with us at the same speed and leaves us in its SHADOW, never moving away, but never quite catching up, and men and women circle each other, reach out, touch hands, draw apart, make love, and draw apart again. And in these tireless circles, we wonder why we care. All we know is that we do care.

Yes, that is enough.

From the book, “The Wrong Kind of Money” by Stephen Birmingham

Yes, WE should care.

We should care if our PAST decides to haunt us forever. We should care if the annilation of our very existence appeases those that never once cared for us. We should care if an ex-lover or friend wants to do us harm. We should care if our families are destroyed. We should care if our children weep. We should care that are children are no longer getting the education that they so deserved.They never asked to be here. Yes, we should care.

We should care about those that remain weaker than we as their avenge-fullness is the key to their survival and the glutton of our punishment. We should care if other countries outside of our own decide to change our way of life to suit themselves. We should care if our enemies are terrorists that will stop at nothing to rule and blasphemize us. We should care if our enemies are non-believers to what is positive and true. Yes we should care.

We should care if our very own society depletes what was once noteworthy in our society because we worked so hard, whereas, are enemies may never have worked for anything. Yes, we should care.

Every day that I live this horror movie called “Organized Crime” (Matinees in abundance), I can’t help but feel disgusted at what society has been brainwashed to believe is the right thing to do. From almost every culture from here to, possibly Timbuktu, we are somehow being swamped in corruption and total imprisonment. What happened to the free society that we all knew and loved? What happened?

Our children’s lives are at stake, yet, no one seems to care. Most of our children may never have a career. They may never reach the ‘top of the ladder’. We may never see another lawyer, doctor, or judge in our own families that wiuld make us proud. We may never even see the first one pull through. And sadly, we may never receive the tools to even think about making huge accomplishments. But why is this so? Is demon-ism that important when it is, obviously, symbolicly a title representing our very end?

mstmha: “I would like to take this time out to congratulate my one and only son on at least attempting to make something of himself. Much love to MCA, Jr. aka Moose. He is, as of last year, a member of the United States Marine Corps. I am very proud of him. And I will give my love always to my lovely daughter MCA aka Princess aka Lil’ Ma or as she likes to call herself…’Blue’

Mommy loves you both so much. No matter what may happen.

Thanks for listening and God Bless!


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