Another Big Adventure- A TI Testimony

Hello Everyone,

I want to share my most recent adventure with you as a homeless Targeted Individual. I can honestly say that my adventures are never-ending to say the least. I have met so many questionable people as I have roamed in Georgia. I have discovered such a variety of people and conversations to be almost scary and very cult-like. Even after so many years, it is still hard for me to believe that I am actually trapped in this thing called organized crime but, at the same time, I see it everyday for myself. They stop at nothing no matter what the agenda may be.

As to my latest adventure…well…talk about cultish.

On the morning of October 14, 2015, I was sitting in my car waiting for the library to open. While waiting, a blue vehicle pulled up beside me. The person in the vehicle was an older Caucasian woman with very, very white hair. I found out later that she was short and very much on the heavy side. Anyway, the older woman asked me if I knew what time the library opened and I told her. Soon after, we began having a very long conversation about witches, demons, and all types of bible related subjects. I know, that was very strange but the conversation seemed to be almost normal to me. I guess it may come down to the fact that I have a wide range of knowledge in this small head of mine so it didn’t seem of the wall.

Well, as it happened, she further investigated my home status and I told her that I was homeless and pretty much living in my car. Immediately, she offered her services. Yes. To a complete stranger. In my mind I was thinking that maybe not everyone is bad. She told me adamantly that I was going home with her that very day so that I could shower and get some rest. She mentioned, eventually, that she was in town for a few weeks in order to fix up her parent’s home (whom have passed) so that she could rent it out for extra income. I was to stay with her until she left to go back to her home in Dahlonega, Ga.

The home in Conyers, I found, was actually nice. It was, however, very dated and not particularly my style, but very comfortable. The bedroom that I was to  sleep in had a hospital mattress on the floor and that was where I was to sleep. With enough blankets, it was actually very comfortable, as well. I did not mind. It was better than sleeping in my car in the cold.

Now, going back to the library where we first met, she required that I check out a bible for study. Of course I did as she asked. There is nothing wrong with a little bible study, I thought. I just did not know how deep it was really going to get, unfortunately.

On the fourth day of my stay, she woke me up in the early morning and told me that I had to leave and looked very smug about it. She sat a cup of cappuccino down on the floor at the head of my bed and left. I had already known it was coming. Just the day before, when I had finally managed to get to the library and get on the computer to catch up on some things, she became very upset because I did not spend my time doing what she wanted me to do. Now mind you, I had only spent three days in the house and it was the first time since we met that I actually was able to work on the computer and it was for a short period of time. (My personal computer has crashed. It was my second one too. I was jacked with viruses)

Anyway, what this woman wanted me to do was to watch videos about how to recognize and expel Demons by a Pastor named Derek Prince whom, if I am not mistaken, is British. What this lady could not get was that , on that day, I would not have had time anyway and I was only on Day 3 of my stay with her. I though that I would have a little more time. Of course, she took it very seriously, I saw and also refused to help me get Baptized. I was going to have to do, even that, on my own.

Now, in my mind, this woman had some major control issues. She talked about Black youth as if we were born criminals and that we were the reason that their poor children were getting on drugs. Blacks (or People of Color), according to her were the reason that so many neighborhoods were being destroyed. I can almost agree with her that even I hated living around my own people but I refuse to blame ALL Black people for any damages done to them because All people of any race or nationality are not the same.  There are BAD apples in every group, and she knew it but, of course, someone has to get the blame for everything that goes wrong in someone’s life.

I remember how she would walked into the bedroom that I slept in at bedtime. She lay two Bibles on each side of my head and she would begin babbling as if she were speaking tongues and then she would say goodnight with a prayer afterwards. I swear that I thought that I may have entered the looney bin. I did thank her for everything, don’t get me wrong, but, honestly, I had no qualms in living and I will tell you why. I could not even be alone anywhere in the house or around it. She even made a point of standing in the bathroom with me. Yes, you got it. I had absolutely no privacy and it was very uncomfortable. Even as I sat out on the deck to smoke a cigarette, she was either there beside me or somewhere in the house close to me.

Yes, she had a lot of issues. There was, coincidentally, a Black man that was making every effort to get inside her house and without ever having seen his face, she pointed him out a grocery store. She was also having problems with a next door neighbor’s home because she figured that they were drug dealers and she was not going to allow them to live there as long as she could help. Believe me, it wasn’t a coincidence that two men showed up in the yard of this particular home, ready to buy as I was staying next door. Especially after she had said that no one lived there and hadn’t lived there for years.

I know, it was all silly but I am very glad that I was able to get out of there in one piece. Heck, if I stayed any longer, I may have found voodoo dolls laying around. You can never tell when someone begins to call you Jezebel! As if! But, you never know!

Jezebel - wife of Ahab who was king of Israel

Anyway, again, thanks for listening and God Bless!


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