Don’t Take My Word For It-More Proof That Electromagnetic Weapons Exist Within Our Military For The Purpose Of Abusing Citizens

(Picture copied from the site

According to the site Nation… From the article PENTAGON UNVEILS NEW NON-LETHAL WEAPON, Written on June, 19, 2001…

“We have developed a nonlethal weapon which causes pain. What happens when someone continues to walk toward the source of the high-power microwave? What happens when panic ensues in a crowd as a result of high-power microwave? What happens when it’s focused on someone’s eye?” Arkin said.

mstmha: They even acknowledge that a prototype of this weapon was to be tested on animals and humans in Kirtland which is an Air Force base that is  located in the southeast quadrant of the Albuquerque, New Mexico, adjacent to the Albuquerque International Sunport according to sources.

This article also claims that the weapon in question is ‘non-lethal’ and that it ‘inflicts pain without causing lasting harm’. My question is this, why do they use these weapons on civilians if it does not cause any ‘lasting harm’? And why are civilians (including myself) experiencing these weapons on an almost daily basis if it was only meant for ‘riot control and peacekeeping missions when deadly force is not necessary’?

Questions: Why can’t TI’s sleep at night without experiencing the traumatizing effects of electromagnetic weapons?

Where was the RIOT in my bedroom?! Where was the RIOT while I was at work?! Where was the RIOT in the library?! Where the heck was it?!!!

And another thing, why would they call these weapons ‘non-lethal’ when it obviously is. Especially when a victim is under constant exposure like so many TI’s are? Have they counted the number of suicides that their thugs have instigated since the creation of there ‘non-lethat weapons?

You would think that since the press release of weapons that TI’s would get more media coverage. The media knows factually that they exist yet they shrug us off. Is that their way of telling us that we are now in the midst a depolution to the extreme in World War III and TAG we’re it? WTF!

Please read the article in its entirety at…


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