The Jerk Factor-A TI Testimony

Hello Everyone,

First off I would like to begin by saying Thank You for all of your support for the past few years as I have been griping away about my life and its dissolution within the Gang Stalking circus. I just discovered today that I had a blog anniversary on February 15, 2013. How late am I! I guess that maybe I was too busy whining about the government and my many tortures that happen so frequently that it totally slipped my mind. How shameful! 😉

My first blog entry happened on that day in Virginia. I was not too happy when I wrote it, to say the least, but I am still, to this day, hanging around still attempting to find my mojo.

Nevertheless, I still have some more to gripe about amongst my many gripes. Are you ready? OK. Here I go…

Last night, at about 8:50PM, while I was parked at the Fairfield in Lithonia, I was shocked so violently in the chest that it was absolutely sickening to believe that someone could have actually done that to me. It happened while I was laying back in my car seat and my eyes were closed. I guess I was about to fall asleep when it came. ZAP! Right on chest . It hurt like heck and there was the brightest light that I had ever experienced thus far. And then, behind me I heard someone laughing. In a parking space closer to the entrance of the hotel, there stood two Black men near a vehicle (If I could guess, at least one of them was a foreigner. Possibly African based on the accent.)

The foreigner had his hands in his pockets and was standing there watching me at my vehicle. He was laughing wholeheartedly as he stood there. My opinion was at that time that he must have seen the flash. But unfortunately for him, I screamed that it wasn’t funny and he must have heard me because he slowly turned back towards his friend standing behind him. I then decided to crank my car up to leave at once. These were old shady men that I did not want to entertain all night long. As I was leaving, I noticed that there was a white truck on the left of the parking lot that was parked straight across from the two black non-gentleman and he had a cell phone in his hand. ( I already know that they use their cell phones as a remote when they want to activate their weapons. Yes, cell phones are now weapons. Who would have believed it? An APP for electromagnetic and radiation weapons. Technology has gone to hell.)

At that moment, I began thinking that maybe the guy in the white truck set the weapon off with his phone while the other two men stood and watched for their own entertainment. He should have entertained himself in a gym, in my opinion. I don’t know exactly who did it but the whole scenario was quite fishy. Either way, it was one of the three that attacked me. They were the only ones in the vicinity. The man in the truck looked to be Caucasian but it was so dark in his vehicle that it was hard to see.

After that, it was Ring Around The VICTIM once again. They started coming from everywhere as I parked myself in another spot nearby. I have found that they love the ‘headlights flashing in your face routine’.

For example: They drive up on you with their headlights beaming, they stop the vehicle while the lights are still on or rather ‘in your face’, and then they turn around and leave the property completely, most of the time. Sometimes they will actually park for a little while or they go inside the hotel to stay or to meet. I couldn’t say.

Another routine that they love is backing up beside my vehicle so that they can be closer when they wire up to me. They will stay for less than a minute and then leave again, usually. I actually caught one guy in a truck parked beside me one night. My body started jolting so badly from the weapon that he was using. I felt like a car battery being jumped. After sticking my middle finger up to the window, I sat up in the seat of my car to see who the heck it was that was doing it. I was laying low in my car before I actually saw him and I must have really been sleeping when it happened. I remember that as soon as my head popped up at the window, he was startled as he saw me face-to-face, and then made every effort to back the heck up and leave the premises. Some of them will actually just flash their headlights straight at you and then make a U-turn to leave. Most of them are too afraid to stick around. As far as I am concerned…Somebody is BORED, BORED, BORED!

I actually chased two of them out of the two parking lots. The first time, there was a young black lady driving a black car. As I was in my car, I heard her coming because she was laughing like a hyena or maybe it was the laugh of someone tagging through their miked-up system and may not have actually been in the car. (You can hear these fools everywhere.)  Anyway, this particular young lady chose the parking space right beside me. Now, the parking lot was nearly empty. Out of all spots. I already knew what the deal was. She turned her car around and backed into the space beside me. She had her cell phone in her hand. I knew this because I thought that I could see the light emitting from it and her head was looking down. As soon as she parked, I cranked up my car. I guessed she was startled by it and became scared. The next thing I knew was that she hurriedly drove out of the parking spot to leave the parking lot. I then took it upon myself to follow her out. I really wanted to get her plate numbers but she was flying out of there like a bat out of hell! I could only laugh. The second time that this happen, the two persons that were in their vehicle did not park so close. They never left their vehicle. And after a few minutes, they began to leave. I cranked up and got behind them. Once I was finally behind them they did the same thing as the young woman. I had no idea that the parking lot was a Speedway.

They play the same games over and over again as if any of it is brand new. Now, the people that they use might be but the game hasn’t changed at all. It is still stupid and childish and, yes, I had a cussing fit at one of their bullies last night. He was laughing so hard at his vulgar accomplishment while I was being electrocuted. I am going to assume that he was the one that pushed the button.

At 9:01 and 9:03 this morning, while I was waiting in the library parking lot, I was electrocuted twice again. I hope they are having the time of their lives. At least before, they, themselves, get imprisoned. Jerks!

You cannot begin to imagine how tired I am, by the way… And thanks again for all of your support from all over the world!

Here is a good read, by the way in regards to what is happening to all of us…



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