Let’s Make A Deal (The Child Support Dilemma)


I don’t think that I have ever felt as tired as I do now after just receiving a very incriminating phone call from my ex-husband’s uncle.

Yesterday, after getting off from work, I checked myself into a motel in Conyers. I can’t even explain how extremely grateful I was to take a shower after rough-riding for so long.  Yep, as you may have guessed, I am still homeless. Anyway, I had a nice time by myself. Drank a little wine, watched a few movies, and spoke to my daughter for a little while. It was really nice.  Especially, because their was a queen sized bed to lounge in. I may try to treat myself more often when I am able. The only down-side was that the pool was closed. A good swim would have done me good but as they say, that is how the cookie crumbles.

After checking out this morning, I decided to spend some time at the library. For a little while, I sat in my car in the parking lot attempting to catch up on some reading. Currently, I am reading Danielle Steel’s Wanderlust. It is an excellent read. I couldn’t wait to pick it back up. Audrey had just found out that Charlie, her one true love, had married someone else. I could not believe! I was like “Hell no!” They were so meant for one another. It was hard to wrap my finger around. Even more so while I was being Nefertiti-ed to death. My perps kept shooting my windshield so that the microwaves could hit my body. They are so annoying.

Then came the phone call…

It was my ex-husband’s uncle. He wanted to talk about my daughter. Now, my daughter has kept me informed about what is happening with her. My ex-husband has taken away the second phone that I purchased for her. He has removed her door from her room like a crazy person. He told her that he was going to take down her curtains in her bedroom so that the sun can shine on her. The man has even went as far as telling her that she was a disappointment to him to the point where he wants her to come back to me. (Of course, it would be now that I don’t have a place to go.) And he is doing this as if he has never been abusive. As if he has never abandoned my children before.

I can recall the last time he abandoned them. During our divorce, custody and child support proceedings that took place in Georgia, he just decided to drop my son and my daughter off right in the middle of the school year. Yes, while the proceedings were still going on and the judge had yet to decide anything. Like a sack of potatoes, he drove to Virginia and dropped them off even after he made such a fuss about not wanting to send them home (where they should have been to begin with). Notice that I just said that it was the ‘SECOND’ time.

Anyway, as I spoke to his uncle, it seemed that he wanted to make a deal with me in regards to his nephew. He mentioned that he wants my daughter to come back to me but that wasn’t all that he requested.  He also wanted me to drop the child support on his nephew and in return, my ex would drop the child support that he had filed on me. As if he was actually suppose to get it to begin with. He definitely wheeled and deal to get that accomplished. I can’t even believe that they even had the audacity to ask that of me. They are truly bold.

And my response? Heck no! I made it a point to mention to him that I had already done that one time before and, no, I am not putting my signature on anything else for that man. Why should I? I am the one whom he is abusing so how is it that I owe him anything else? I have signed my life away to that man for too long and, no doubt, too much. Why did I ever sign that marriage certificate? From immigration, to the bail bondsman I have relieved him. I cannot or will not do it anymore. And the saddest point to all of this is that nothing that he is doing is even legal. And now my daughter will dumped off again like a sack of potatoes after he has conned everyone and everything to get her their with them so that they can milk me dry. This man should have been arrested a long time ago for child abuse and abandonment but even that did not happen. How much is he suppose to get away with while he is tearing apart not only my life but his children’s too?

And to think…I am the one who is homeless. They have got to be kidding.

And why do they feel that they can do anything that they want to whomever they want to do it too?



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