More on Nefertitti and… Walmart?

Just a few weeks ago, very late at night, I was lounging in my car in a parking lot and noticed a vehicle park, coincidentally, right beside me. The passengers in the car included three (very different) Caucasian females. It occurred to me that they may have been a little under the influence but I kind of shrugged it of.

The three women decided to hang out at there car and talk. I did not know if they had noticed me at all until…

The women began talking very loudly. They were laughing and giggling as if George Clooney might have been standing in their mist. It was utterly annoying to me because I was trying to concentrate on the book that I was entertaining. but, of course, it is or, or at least, it use to be a free country and it was a public parking spot after all.

Anyway, the next thing I knew, the older woman out of the group began walking towards the parking lots lamplight that was positioned right behind my car. I had no idea what she was going to do. Outside of the light, there was only grass and trees.

Still, she walked to the lamp pole and knocked on it with her knuckles and the next thing that happened really appalled me. I immediately felt the radiation hitting me full force. I can’t tell you how pissed off I was because I have found that these trashy people (gang stalkers) won’t leave me alone.  I did not know either one of them but it had become obvious that they knew me or, at least, of me, anyway. Theses women knew my location and intentionally set me up to get radiated. Did I feel like beating on their arses? Sure! Did I do it? No! I feel that no matter what these tramps may put me through, I will still try to remain the better person.

That was not the kicker though. What really got me was that after knocking on the pole. She looked at the other two women still standing by their car, grinned and said, “This is Nefertiti!” And then walked back to the car as if nothing had happened to me. It wasn’t a coincidence that these women, just so happened to drive by all of those empty spots just to park beside me.

It was already pre-planned. That is how you know that you are being stalked.

Last night, I was at Walmart and a black SUV drove into the parking lot while I was sitting I my car. He was quite a few feet away from me so I did not think anything of it until some type of alarm sound shot from his vehicle. I knew it wasn’t a car alarm because he was still attempting to park in the boonies. Once I hear the sound, I was radiated once again. It may have been a good thing that he or she parked a little ways from me. That is all I am going to say about that.

This morning, I was at Walmart again to pick up some breakfast and when I was leaving and attempting to turn out of the parking lot, I felt something like needles being stabbed in the left side of my head. I then noticed that their were vehicles moving towards me on my left, mostly black, and they all looked so very synchronized. It figured. During my experience, I have figured out that most of their cars are wired. These bastards have too much time on their hands for real.

One thing really irks me though about the whole Walmart scene. During my gang stalking street theatre in Danville, Va., these yapping hyenas screamed Walmart a lot. That place was a big deal in Danville, eventually. You should have seen the traffic of all the newbies in the area. But why? I remember answering the phone while working at Schewel’s furniture and a voice over the phone said, ask what department and then hung up. Is it just a meeting place or is it more sinister. Of course, if Walmart had anything to do with going on, it would almost be understandable because they definitely have the money to pull it off.  So what is that all about? I am at least half-curious anyway, On the other hand, I just want all of these dirty bastards to leave me the hell alone and allow me to live my life. It was never their right to begin with to take my life away. As if life wasn’t already short. Not one of us is guaranteed to live forever so why screw it up for everyone? Why can’t we live our lives to the fullest? What was wrong with that? We are all going to die anyway! These people are absolute, tried and true idiots.

I do not know what is going to happen to me while going through all of this but please pray for me.

Thanks for listening!


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