Nefertiti in Organized Crime (Gang Stalking) Testimony


One thing that is definite in gang stalking is that these people do not have it all ‘upstairs’, if you know what I mean. Last night as I was sitting in my car in a parking, their parade began, again.

Multiple cars began driving in front of me and around me like crazed lunatics. Some of them speeding off so fast to be humorous (I guess so that I could not see them). They circled me over and over again in spurts for most of the very long evening. Once again attempting to mind my business and entertain myself with a Jackie Collins (RIP) novel. (Her books can be quite entertaining. Everyone has to read at least one in their lifetime, in my opinion.)

Anyway, during their ‘street theatre’, I noticed that that there were several cars that were participating that were the same. One of the reasons that I knew this to be them. Repetitiously, I was being mapped out. During their screaming sessions that are mike’d up all around me, they mentioned that this was what they called calibrating for the purpose of using, what they have described as being their Nefertiti (a method that is used in order to microwave or shock my body).  I believe it is how they map out my location for better results. Named assumedly from the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who, based on some historians, vanished without a trace. Is this what my gang stalkers want me to do? Remove me from anything normal and have me vanish without a trace? It is amazing, even to me, that people that you have never known and really have no interest in would find this as any importance at all. How would they like it if we were to do the same things to them when this is in the wash?


gerund or present participle: calibrating
mark (a gauge or instrument) with a standard scale of readings.
  • correlate the readings of (an instrument) with those of a standard in order to check the instrument’s accuracy.
  • adjust (experimental results) to take external factors into account or to allow comparison with other data.


I also found that last night, after the parade, I was once again victimized by their weapons. Once I began drifting off to sleep, they almost shocked the life out of me. It usually happens when I begin to fall asleep.  Back to back, I was getting electrocuted by these people and every time these shocks hit me, I could see the bright flashes, like white light behind my eye lids. I have also, sometimes, noticed the flashes of light when my eyes are open but it isn’t as bright.

Back to back, this happened and all I could hear in the background was the multitude of voices taunting me into lack of sleep. They sounded like a bunch of wacky, delusional children as they shrieked nonsense all night long.  I really wish someone would pick up their psycho kids.  My biggest worry, I guess, is wondering why this is still happening to me? It has been over eight years now. They have been using their weapons on me since walking out of Schewels Furniture in Danville, Va.) in June of 2012 (And, yes, they were definitely involved in the street theater as to the reason why I just left. There was only so much that I could take.)

I have nothing to offer these people and nor would I want to if I did. We have nothing to do with one another outside of the fact that I am still their victim. So… why all of the framing and scheming? I don’t get it. Even my ex’s aren’t that important. As a matter of fact, I don’t even date and it has been that way since the, almost, beginning. Or at least when I found out that the crap that people were doing to me wasn’t normal. I can’t believe that somebody actually pays someone to do this kind of thing to people!

Eventually, I fell asleep after leaving my parking spot and coming back to a different location. These people are desperately putting my life in danger, but for what? Am I to be the next vanishing Nefertiti? Weaponless (but considering), I have a new respect for God, for when he created the children of the damned, he left nothing out do that I understand what ‘quality’ in people really is. Obviously, they have not reached ‘quality’ ranks or they would not be so miserable in their attempt in making us miserable.

By the way, the headlights flashing in my face hasn’t stopped either.


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