The Papparazzi-Police-MAN—SNAP!

This has been one crazy ride and to anyone who is a TI, they know exactly what I am talking about.

I am still homeless. Still trying to make the best out of horrible, horrible situation. Last night, I was parked in the parking lot of a 24 hour restaurant in Lithonia and the police (assuming that he was actual law enforcement) decided to show their face again last night.

I questioned his legality as a police officer for the following reason…

I was steadily writing in my vehicle (I am actually working to finish a novel that I had started on at least ten years ago but was never completed.) As usual, I was just minding my business. Attempting to get some work done when a police car pulled into the parking. He pulled his vehicle up and stopped directly in front where I was parked. The next thing I knew, I watched him push something in his hand out the window. I didn’t know what it was until (It could have been a gun for all I knew but if that had been the case then, I would definitely have been a goner. It happened so quickly.) Well, the next thing I see is a huge flash from the object that he was holding directly towards my face. I was absolutely thrown. Now mind you, this happened right before 9:00 PM so the flash was very bright and distinct. Now you can see why I questioned his position. Who does that?! The man had taken my picture or at least acted as if he did, anyway. But I think that what threw me the most about this incident was that as soon as this object flashed in my face (now do not forget that I was sitting in my car when this happened so my front window was between the both of us), I felt the same burning feeling on my face that I feel when I am being microwaved to death by gang stalkers.  I couldn’t believe it. Just so everyone knows, this is the real life of a Targeted Individual, this is not a tall-tell or a means of just getting attention. What I am telling you is true-to-life. Some of the things that are terrorists do are so unique that it literally want to say… “Who does that!”

But they are so, so, so very serious about what they do to be utterly childish and ridiculous. Somebody has too much time on their hands. That is the woven truth.

Anyway, as the real story goes, this particular ‘officer’ not only snapped a camera or whatever it was to my face but, then, drove to the front of this particular restaurant, parked, got out his vehicle, and walked inside the restaurant. This guy must of thought himself to be a real thug. When I watched him, he was very slow, calculating in what he was doing. Almost as if he were daring me to do something. And then after quite a few moments, he walked slowly to his vehicle, got in, then took off.

It was too dark for me to get his plate numbers but I did manage to write down the huge white numbers on the left-side of his police vehicle near the door. (I will insert that number into this post later because I do not have the time to run and get it.)

Now, since my last address with the Moroccan and his family (who said that he was a retired sheriff and a retired famous professional chef) that is all that I have been seeing. They have added police officers to my torture program and they are now more abundant than ever before. I don’t care where I try to camp out to get some rest, they somehow keep popping up.

Just to reiterate further on that point, this morning, I left that side of Lithonia for another. Found a hotel to take a rest and guess who comes rolling past me in the parking lot. Yep! You got it! The Po Po! I cannot catch a break!

As a final note, I have also noticed that now when a police car drives past me, that burning sensation returns to face as if their cars have also been wired these space-based weapons.

Please pray for myself and all of the others TI’s that really need help in this time of ‘Silent’ crisis. I have been kidnapped and thrust into this torture program, like so many others, for a very long time without any good reason outside of retaliation and/or pig’s research. Help us to eliminate the enemy by giving love to everyone and not just a selective few. Thanks for your time.

May God Bless Everyone.

Until the next post…


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