Musical Hotels

Last night was very exhausting for me. As most of you may know, I have been made homeless in the state by no option of mine and it seems that it has become ten times more difficult to climb out of this hole. They have made my present situation that once was once an almost peaceful situation turn, yet again, into a nightmare of street theatre and holocaustic strategies.

In my location were three hotels side by side where I would take advantage of their public facilities and I would also park in their parking lots  in the evenings to get some sleep. Believe me when I say, even though there is a sense of freedom in being homeless, I would still rather have a room with a bed (My bed, preferably, but that is currently not an option.) and a shower.  There aren’t many worldly comforts in being homeless, and I think that that is what I miss the most.  I could only be satisfied with homelessness for a long period of time if I had a lot of money. That way I could bounce around from hotel to hotel from any part of the world without a care like many people actually do. No light bills, water bills, cable bills, internet bills, free breakfast, etc. and still have the opportunity of getting five star spa treatments, etc. if you so choose.  Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury. I am stuck with the more main stream type, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, as  I was saying before my idling mind so duly interrupted, last night was very exhausting. As a matter of fact, the past few nights have been a bit of hell. My gang stalkers have picked up the pace and are now more loud and obnoxious than ever. Some of them, that actually keep me up at night with all of their idiotic bull and conversation that would never make sense to any normal human being, actually sound like new people. Looks like I may be dealing with some new recruits intermingled with the old and, yes. they have  proved that they are ready to show their ‘arses’.

Last night, we played musical hotels, it seemed. I remember sitting in the parking lot of one hotel in a place where I was alone accept for a scatter of cars that were not directly near me in any type of way.  But I will have you know that as soon as I had made myself comfortable in my little car, cars just started coming out of nowhere. I recall a white car that decided to, coincidentally, park beside mine. I cannot even explain to you how many parking spaces were available to her where she would have been closer to the hotel. There were tons of spots! Then I soon found out why she did it. As soon as her family began climbing out the car , (I am going to assume that it was her son), got out of the vehicle, stepped around to the front passenger side of the car, opened the door, retrieved something that I could not see (if it were anything at all), and then he slammed the door. Immediately, I felt the microwave radiation assaulting my skin. The slamming of the door was the trigger.

I remember two different pick-up trucks at two separate times pulling into the back of the same hotel right after the first instance. Believe me, when these fools get started, they act as if they have OCD and hyperactivity (ADD or ADHD, I think?) all at the same time.  Both trucks in both instances made a point of throwing their headlights in my car, directly in my face for the whole looney world to see.  They both knew my exact location. I moved from one hotel to another to no avail. (It was like playing Musical Hotel.) They just wouldn’t leave me alone.

And as if that wasn’t enough, at  a Caucasian woman in a black car parked in a spot, again, coincidentally right beside me, and then right after drives in a police officer who pulls up to talk the woman. She even turned around and looked me directly in my face. Anyway, they chat for a moment, then the cop pulls off and then the woman did , as well.  This was too much so, what did I do? I went to another one of the three hotels and watched another white car follow me to it.  Now, at the final hotel, at around 2:00AM, I lift my head up from my seat and notice the same cop from earlier sitting in a spot almost directly behind me. Nothing happened. He was there and then he left but this was too much.

What the hell!

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