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Hi again,

Here is my latest update…

I am still homeless and currently living in my car but, as for now, I am ok. Sometimes I feel somewhat like Sharon Poet (TI) as she also claims to be living in her car. Yesterday, I decided to finish the romance novel that I was reading. I read and read to my hearts content and for some reason, I was totally happy with just doing nothing but reading that wonderful novel. It almost felt as if I were on vacation. If it were at the beach I believe that I would have had a field day! There is something to this homeless thing that I will have to admit. There is so much freedom in it. The bummer is that it is hard to get on the internet since my computer crashed for the second time and has become inoperable but, even in that, I have improvised.

By the way, a few nights ago, as a was parked in a parking lot, a police officer came to my car a little after 3:00AM EST and shined his flashlight in my face while I was sleeping in my car. The light awakened me. That was the only reason that I knew he was there and when I finally registered that someone had been that close, I looked quickly out of my window. He had already started back to his vehicle, got in, and then took off. Does anyone have an idea what that may have been about?

The most annoying thing about my situation, I think, is that I am still being radiated in or around my car, especially when I am trying to sleep but, that is, as of now, out of my control. I am still attempting to enjoy life whether they like it or not. But I will be the first to admit that these are the biggest buttholes on the face of the planet for doing these things to people.

I met another Targeted Individual at a hotel yesterday. Her story was scary yet amazing that she is still in survival mode. Unfortunately for this slightly older woman, she is being raped everyday by her perpetrators. They have also stolen a very valuable money making idea from her and are using it in the worst way possible from what she claims.

“Their not using it right!.” She had exclaimed. She also admitted that they are losing a lot of money from the way they are trying to make money from it but only she knows what to truly do with it. It was her idea afterall. A billion dollar idea from what she told me. And honestly, based on our conversation, she was very intelligent (like most Targets’) and very capable of inventing the idea. It was something on the wake of ‘genious’ according to her peers, she said and then encouraged me to watch the movie “Flash of Genious” about an inventor who eventually underwent litigations pro se vs Ford Motor Company in an attempt to stake his claim on a windshield wiper improvement that Ford took credit for but never invented. Eventually, the woman and I actually did watch the movie together on a computer in one of the hotel lobbies. It was actually very brilliant in substance.

In continuance, this particular woman also (like many of us) knows who has been attacking her. In a common light, her perpetrators are linked to her father’s side of the family. Sound familiar? She believes that she was volunteered into the program by her father’s family for the purpose of being raped by them consistently. The family that she never really had a real relationship with. The estranged family that she insists was very jealous of her but never really knew her. It was so very sad.

Our conversation, eventually, led to my asking her how they were doing these things to her and she stated that she believes they are drugging her by contaminating her food with a date rape drug. It is not uncommon for these organized crime units to drug their victims. As a matter of fact, the CIA is famous for drugging and contaminating innocent individuals.  I did not mention to her that they have many means of raping women without the use of date rape drugs. She was already thrown by the fact that it was happening at all.

I can also say that I know for a fact that she is undergoing much stress from her targeting and like most of us, she just wants to be left alone. The look of her was even different. She showed me her ID and it was like comparing night and day, literally. Her skin had darkened so due to her experiences that, unless you knew her, she would be hard to recognize. I also learned that she was also homeless and a military veteran. Imagine my shock.

As always, we are all still praying for the day that organized stalking will reach the peak of non-existentance. Enough already.


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