Homeless Once Again-A TI Story

Hello everyone.

This blog entry is confirmation that someone(s) is blatantly chasing me. I have been removed from, yet, another home in Covington, Ga. following the ménage a trois drama from my previous address in Ellenwood, Ga.   It is obvious to see that these criminals would really like to see my life destroyed.  Yes, I am now homeless once again.

In my previous blog, I gave a summary of my situation in Ellenwood, Ga. It was very true that I had to leave the residence because I had no money to pay any rent so the owner and her husband (who did not live in the residence) decided that a threesome would suffice as a monetary replacement. Obviously, I denied the offer and, for vindication, I was forced to leave the following day. I had nowhere to go and, coincidentally, my vehicle wasn’t operable so, unfortunately, it had to stay until I could find the money to get it fixed. Where was I to go with no money and no vehicle?

What really strokes my goat about this situation is that the woman whom I stayed with was a co-worker. She invited my daughter (who was with me for the summer) and I to stay with her at her home because, at the time, we were at a filthy homeless shelter in Downtown Atlanta. She never asked for any payment when we were invited and she new my financial situation. Maybe it was a setup all along.

I remember watching her, the night before, as she was on the phone with her husband as they were discussing this crazy idea. I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone. I could not believe that they were really serious. And in the same conversation, they spoke about how they really didn’t like skinny women.  When I heard this, I was thanking God at the same time.

I swear that I was really nice about saying no or at least I thought, anyway. The next morning my-co-worker rams herself like a crazy woman in the bedroom where I was sleeping while screaming at her husband on the phone and then she tells me that I had to leave that very day. Honestly, it upset me more that my transportation was down, more so, than leaving her household. The entire situationt was all so very ridiculous and childish.

Anyway, with my head against the wall, I prayed that I could find somewhere to go on such short notice. I jumped on the internet and searched Craiglist for any reasonable listings and this is what I found verbatim:


barter free room for house cleaning babysitting (covington)

we are looking for a single women between 25 and 55, you got a chance to keep your money and save it until; you get on you feet or what ever the situation maybe, we are a small family and and we are looking for a clean female to help with sitting a 4 years old boy and do light house cleaning for only two says a week 8 to 6 also every other weekend, you will have your own private furnished room and private entrance if you thing your interested please email us your contact number and a picture ,no picture no call back we want to see what you look like very simple we don’t care if your black or white your rent will be free, this is a real offer .please no endless emails.


Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well, obviously, I responded to the add. He called me and we met the same day. He even paid for my background check when, initially he said he would not need it. He was from Morocco. He seemed to be a very down-to earth type of person in the beginning…

Until this past Thursday, on my first day back to work at my part-time job, he managed to pack my things from his home ( some things that were never mine) and trash bagged my groceries’ that had been stored in his freezer and his refrigerator (as if I had anywhere to put them and which I had to eventually throw away) and dropped them off at my job.

His excuse was that three black men came to his home looking for me and wouldn’t leave. He claimed that he had to call the police and one of these men had been arrested. He mad it sound so legitimate. He mentioned that one of the men was bald and drove a Mercedes. My first thought was…Steven Cox in Danville, Virginia. That was hell to think about, believe me. I did not want to still be involved with him or his crap.

He also said that these men had my tag number and they wouldn’t leave before they talked to me. Needless to say, it was all a bunch of bull that this man had made up just to push me out once again, making it hard for me to get back on my feet.

I know this because, as I sat in the parking lot of my job contemplating what had happened and with no where to go, I decided to call the police in order to find out who the person was who got arrested.

It turned out that this guy had made the story up. What a louse he was. All of that drama for nothing.

…More on this story later. I have, again, run out of time.


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