Moving Again…

I just wanted everyone to know that I am moving again. I have no idea where I am going to be. This is so stupid. I have to leave by the end of today. One of the reasons is because I refused to have a threesome with the woman that I am staying with and her husband. I guess the husband did not like the way I turned him down and the reason that it was offered was because I do not have any money (after a month of being here) to pay any rent. My ex-husband is stealing at least half of my part-time paycheck. Maybe that was the reason that I was invited to their home in the first place. You now have verification that we are being stalked by the most vicious perverts on the face of the planet and they see nothing wrong in what they do. Everything that I am going through is being staged and I pray that this type of evil will end soon.

Will somebody please do something!

I will give you more on this story later… (It gets deep but I am on short time and I am typing this rather quickly.)

Final Note: This hot-mess called gang stalking has become, after so many years, tired and ridiculous. I hope that whoever is controlling my program is getting everything that he wants from his retard craziness. May he/she reign forever in hell and may their own torture be something out of the unforgettable.


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4 responses to “Moving Again…


    that sucks, sorry to hear.

    perversion is deeply routed in this gang stalking disease. they seek to reduce us, especially females, to objects and instruments.

    i have no experience in this yet, but i’m sure it’s hell-a-difficult with no peer support (something the perps are working hard on destroying for me). do you not know of any other TIs close by or that you can keep in close contact with ?

    my thoughts are with you.

    • mstmha

      Thank you so much.

      To answer your question, yes, I have spoken with many TIs from all over the world. The more stories that I hear, the angrier I get. The audacity of these people is horrific. This program is shameful. Somehow, they have forced the world into a 360 degree flip and we just have to deal with it?
      It is amazing to see how they are shaping the world. Everything bad is good and everything good is now bad.
      They have destroyed my family and removed me from anything that may be positive in my life. I feel as if my life is now a clichéd redundancy.

      What can we do?

  • Loren W.

    I’m sorry of your situation and hope you find shelter asap. I too am a targeted indivdual and being a women will tell you, many of us are used as sexual human trafficking. Women drugged and raped and put on tor web for profit. My perps are heavy drug users and talk alot.

    • mstmha

      Thank you for the comment and condolences. You are so right. It seems that anyone (especially women) that may have somewhat decent genetics is being destroyed. These lunatics seek hive minds and slave mentalities. How else could they get away with so much? And, sadly, they are easy to manipulate and frame into continuing someone else’s abusive tactics towards good people and drug users are easy to recruit.

      By the way, my stalkers won’t shut up either. It is nerve wrecking.

      This is indeed a sickness.

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