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TYRONE ALEXANDER DEW’S 30 years of personal experiences combating Satellite Electronic Harassment gives this company a personal mission to raise awareness about virtually untraceable crimes committed against humanity. He’s had millions of dollars taken from him due to whoever using this technology as a weapon against him, would inflict pain upon him until he did what the person speaking to him told him to do. He describes the tortures events as such ” I would feel as if my brain was being electrocuted as I heard a person speaking to me saying you know I can make it stop then they would make the pain stop. The person speaking to me would begin re-inflicting the pain and say if you want me to make it stop go to i.e. car lots, restaurants, strip clubs, nightclubs, etc. and the person speaking to me would tell me what to buy. Whenever I tried not spending or spending very little whoever was speaking to me would began re-inflicting the pain until they were satisfied with the amount I spent, forcing me to be broke. The feeling of my brain being electrocuted could be the effects of dangerous volumes of sound waves”.

Tyrone says someone who has access to this technology was speaking to him and said it’s ironic the technology we’re using against you are the initials of your last name. I didn’t understand until I did some research, DEW Directed Energy Weapons! Ironic but not at all funny. Satellite Electronic Harassment technology used when doing this: Voice to Skull US Patent 6,470,214.

Voice to Skull is a copy of an earlier technology the Neurophone us patent 3,647,970 March 7, 1972. These technologies in laymen terms are capable of being satellite delivered making a person hear sound directly in their brain.I’m sure it’s not difficult to understand since a technologies patented capabilities are to make a person hear sound how easily it can be used as a weapon to distract a person from being able to communicate with other people, concentrating, and the ability to inflict pain to a persons brain when the volume is turned up to a dangerous level. You can reach him at customersupport@sehawareness.com.


See more about Tyrone’s and others personal experiences in being Targeted Individuals at…

Targeted Individual Awareness



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One response to “Tyrone Alexander Dew (TI)

  • Brian Raed

    Lol you have a demon… Been there done that… You can’t get rid of it. They’re just like invisible people that can read your mind and emotions. They are so powerless over you. Their goal is to annoy you. Try this, since one can sound like many different people talking to each other, I bet you won’t hear more than one speak at the same time! They’ve been doing this for yeeeeeaaars, about 10,000! I can easily answer your questions! Contact me if you need to. DemonQuestions@gmail.com

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