New Location, New Drama

These criminal creeps have geared up again. Last night was horrible. The electrical shocks and pulsing through my body was endless. Back to back, for hours, they hounded me. No matter what direction I turned in the bed, they were pulsed electricity through my body like robotic fools.

Why did they do this?

Who the heck knows. It seems that they don’t really need reasons to do their dumb sh!t. My torturers’ are definitely beyond psycho and that is a fact. I do know, however, that this electrical beat-down began after I had made arrangements to get medical insurance yesterday. Maybe they hate the fact that I want to take care of myself.

Even the person that I stay with came back to the house last night (even after the others had already started their B.S. on my body) and banged on the wall next to the bedroom that I was attempting to sleep in and I, as a result, was shocked again. The radiation continued when she then began dropping things very heavily on her tables downstairs. Yep, I can honestly say that they have gotten to her, too, and worked out a deal. I was waiting to see how fast that they would work. They weren’t that slow on the punch because it didn’t take them very long to figure out my location.These monsters are persistent in their attempt to destroy my life, my body, and whatever else that makes them angry and very self-righteous.

Why can they not just leave us alone. They couldn’t possibly be that bored or angry, whereas, their only life is in screwing with us. Or are they?

I am so exhausted, but, it has been my observation for years, that my predators do not really care. I have lost tons of weight due to the stress of what I am going through. I don’t even look the same. My right leg is killing me from what I believe to be the results of the placement of my (involuntary) microchip, a while back, that is located on the right-side of my vagina. They do say that chips can migrate. Maybe that is why my leg is now bothering me so. Maybe it moved and hit a nerve somewhere. I don’t know but it does hurt like hell sometime.

Getting this microchip removed is now one of my main priorities. At least, in that, I may be able to take my body back, hopefully. You know…That one thing that you possess that no one should be able to take away from you. That something that never belonged to them to begin with.

And they are definitely too violent to even give a shit about your health.

What is really wrong with these people?


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