As some of you may know, as a Targeted Individual, I have gone through hell and high waters for years!

Every minute and and every hour of the day I experience one trauma after the next for no apparent reason. Today was no exception. As I have said before, my daughter and I were, unfortunately, stuck in a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta for two days. And then, unexpectedly, came someone who wanted to help. My daughter and I were invited to stay with her in her home. I was so thankful that we did not have to see that shelter again. It was a horrible experience, but, I should have known that when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

(By the way, as I was writing this, a male, assumable Caucasian voice said, “Your writing days are over.” It was scripted and positioned to feed through the television while on commercial. This has happened so many times that it can almost be considered to be a retarded act. If my Perps want to relay a message to me, why can’t they do it to my face? Could it be that they would give me the opportunity to to obtain evidence of their felonies and sue them? But of course!)

It is obvious now that I care more about people and their well-being than they do about mine. After work, I returned back to the residence in which I am staying and where my daughter was waiting. While trying to take a nap, the radiation returned after doors were being slammed in my vicinity. It was the exact scenario that I had already experienced within the past 5 residences in which I have already lived (in two states). And, no, it is not funny. It wasn’t funny the first time that it has happened. It is now obvious that my gang stalkers have an obsession in ruining my life, making me ugly physically and mentally, and robbing me blind because that is exactly what they are doing. Yes, they have weaseled their way into, yet, another, home in which I reside. These beady-eyed bastards are obsessed in making me miserable, but why?

The finger pointing (voodoo) hasn’t stopped either. Let’s just say that work was very interesting. I wonder if they would still try their dumb-ass-ness if I carried a gun.

At around 8:14, an African-American (dread-locked) male knocked on the front door. Coincidentally, the owner of the home was out. At the same moment that he knocked, my body was being radiated. This has happened so many times that it has become redundant. They obviously don’t have many new tricks. Honestly, I am so tired of these bastards. What would they do if they were in my situation, I wonder. I also wonder what will happen if they manage to rob and kill off everyone who is attempting to be good people, what will happen? The only option that I can see is that they will live a life of robbing one another but, even after that is done, what next?  They seem to be destined for misery.

Just for clarity, I am not their toy. I am a human being with human feelings. The shit that they do to me is for real and there is no taking it back after it is done (FYI).

I also lack the understanding of why they have never killed most of their targets’ off completely. They have the network and the technology to do it. What the hell is it that they want from us?

I have been microwaved, stabbed, poked, poisoned, lasered, tasered, presumably micro-chipped, robbed, depleted bamboozled, led astray, run a muck,  etc.

What the hell is it that they want from me?

I am not a toy and, sorry, I am not the ghetto-fabulous type, either. As they say, “Been there, done that.”

So what is it………….What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it so hard for them to just leave us the f*ck alone?

It is obvious to me that many of my torturers have never been friends. It is also obvious that they have created their own enemies among the innocent. What is their point?

*My guess is that a man named Steven Cox (or Stephen) whom I had known in VA. is also aiding in my torture. Now that is another drama by itself. If so, in my opinion, he is a bit too old to be a woman-beater. And there are more names where that came from.  These people are psychotic. Please don’t just take their word for it.


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