Gang Stalking Fact or Fiction?

Gang Stalking Fact or Fiction?

From Gang Stalking- Kiwipedia

Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.
The existence of gang stalking is a scientific fact, which has been published in several scientific journals:

  1. French flag Revue internationale de Criminologie et de Police technique et scientifique, vol. 49, juillet-septembre 2006, pp. 350-373,
  2. French flag Les Cahiers du journalisme, no 18, printemps 2008, pp. 138-164,
  3. International e-Journal of Criminal Science, Artículo 1, Número 3 (2009).

French flag “L’invalidation de certains phénomènes comme le stalking organisationnel par les forces de l’ordre et les psychiatres au profit d’allégations fallacieuses sur le délire de persécution ou la schizophrénie nous semblent des postulats dépassés à l’heure de la radiogoniométrie.” — Jean-Nicolas Desurmont in Communicologie et radiophonie: des fins militaires aux fins éducatives.
Gang stalking was in the first place designed to obtain absolute obedience from Mafia members. This implies that nearly every targeted individual is someone who disobeyed the Mafia in some way. This puts me before the philosophical question whether I should help these people. I’ve corresponded from October 2008 to June 2015 with other targets. All of them were Mafia. They get together in groups like FFCHS. I assume that nothing can be done for them. I concentrate on victims who never joined the Mafia.
Gang stalking is possible thanks to extreme police corruption. It’s the fastest growing crime. Gang stalking can be so bad that you can never escape some degree of harassment. The harassment is often carried out in a way to blame the victim for the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

Here are some interesting points from the wiki link…

Common types of gang stalking:

  • Mobbing, bullying and paparazzi are the most familiar types of gang stalking when several people participate. 1 in 70 people experience gang stalking. 1 in 30 workers experience mobbing at work. 7 in 10 middle school and high school students experience bullying in school.
  • Some crimes like car theft and home invasions are usually preceded by a period of gang stalking.
  • Gang stalking occurs frequently in apartment buildings, housing estates, shops, and libraries.
  • Gang stalking is also perpetrated by agents of the state, the Mafia, religious sects, and utility companies (electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV, internet).
  • Three dots gang stalking and four dots gang stalking are special types of gang stalking by the Mafia.
    This means that the stalkers have a 3 or 4 dots tattoo between thumb and forefinger.
    3 dots = X3 = XIII = 13 = the letter M = La Eme = Mexican Mafia.
    4 dots = X4 = XIV = 14 = the letter N = Nuestra Familia.
    The Sureños (Southerners) pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia.
    The Norteños (Northerners) pay tribute to the Nuestra Familia. They wear red.
  • Some secret societies like the Ku Klux Klan and some religious cults like Scientology are notorious because of their gang stalking activities.
  • Social media are a type of gang stalking. In 2012 the Belgian political magazine Knack wrote: “Twitter is […] an organized form of stalking, where people call themselves literally ‘followers.’” Stalking cases tripled after the invention of Facebook and Twitter.
  • The police debase themselves often to gang stalking. In 1998 Knack wrote about the new stalking law: “From Sunday on at least one special police technique won’t be legal anymore.” This shows that stalking is used as a method of investigation. The criminologist Stijn Vivijs of the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium wrote in 2011 that policing is equal to stalking when the police use aggressive techniques like Very Irritating Police (VIP).
  • Gang stalking is the usual way in which large drugs trafficking rings are dismantled.


    The first things that you should realize about gang stalking:

  • Gang stalking is a crime like any other crime, like for example, murder, arson or forgery. Many different people and organizations set houses on fire, some because they like flames, others because they hate the people who live there, others because they want to cheat on the insurance. For the law this is unimportant. It says only: Was there someone in that house? Did it happen by night? It doesn’t matter for the law with how much sophistication the house was set on fire. It’s the same story for gang stalking. It shouldn’t matter for the law who organizes it and for which reason, and how sophisticated the stalking is. Victims tend to see only the highly sophisticated gang stalking campaigns by agents of the state. Their definition will usually allow to see only this type of gang stalking. Then the public rejects the idea that this could be possible.
  • Gang stalking will continue to be perpetrated even if there are laws against it, just like for example, murder, arson or forgery.
  • If they vote laws against gang stalking, then there will be exceptions that say that in some cases, the government may continue to gang stalk, for example, when the victim is a terrorist. This means that for most victims nothing will change. Everyone who would protest against this system if he knew its existence, will be labeled as a terrorist.
  • There isn’t just one type of victim. A victim can become aware. Then he can join a secret society for protection. They ask him to continue to play victim. Other victims who contact him can be harassed through him. Then he can become a victim again. Such a secret society can be supported by government, or it can be seen as the enemy. Contacting other victims is generally a bad idea, because victims of all types are thrown together in one room or conference call and the result will be stalking. If you contact someone and you feel that you are harassed, then leave it instead of continuing a half-hearted relationship.

Victims who complain on the internet are usually victims of gang stalking by the state. This is a life long experience.

It’s very difficult to get the word out about this because:

  1. The government denies that this is happening.
  2. The police are instructed not to help victims.
  3. Doctors are instructed to declare victims crazy.
  4. The press refuses to write about it because they get their tips from the police.
  5. The attacks are carried out in a deniable way.
  6. There are not many aware victims.
  7. The victims are unorganized.
  8. The victims have often problems with employment, housing, justice and so on, problems caused by perps.
  9. The victims can’t say who would want to do this and why.
  10. The victims are often incapacitated by electronic weapons.
  11. Perps pose as victims and spread ludicrous stories. They give victims a bad reputation.
  12. No one has ever admitted that he was a gang stalker. It can be compared to the time when no one had ever admitted that he was a Mafia member.

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