Gang stalking America courtesy of DHS

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“Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the covert, unlawful, unconstitutional spying and data collection by a pseudo-government entity, against the people of the states.  I cannot imagine the courage it took for this young man to step out there, risk his life and tell what he knew about what was happening under the blanket lie of national security.

Neither can I imagine what it must be doing to him to know that every government employed psychopathic killer has been set loose on the globe to end his life.”


Whistle blower: Snowden is not a leaker! DHS engages in gang stalking….

On every channel of Lame Street Media, Edward Snowden is referred to as a “leaker”.  This is no accident: word came down from the AP that the word leaker was to be used when talking about Snowden’s release 8907_416984598415613_2032451742_nof documents showing the…

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