More Testimonies While Being Targeted In Conyers, Ga.


I am so, so worn out by these cultish, brutal people.  So much that I want to scream! How many of our years do they want to waste? It is almost as if they are torturing myself and others because they are bored and have nothing better to do.  I am beginning to think that some of these members of the goon squads’ are possibly on some pretty heavy drugs and alcohol, especially at night, anyway.  My targeting is 10 times worse at night than other part of the day.

Below are a few testimonies of my most recent Space-based weapons targeting experiences:

-Last night, I didn’t fall asleep until early this morning because the live-in members of  this household somehow found pleasure in constantly dropping and slamming things that triggered the radiation that cascaded my body. I even received an electrical shock that caused bile to course into my mouth. I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and discovered that my face was, not only puffy, but the tiny bumps from previous radiation, had reddened and risen.

-At around 9:10PM, a family member turned on the big screen television in the living room (which I just so happened to be sitting beside). It immediately began to static (something that it never does) and, out of nowhere, my body was radiated all over again. Honestly, I feel that it was all staged.

-While playing a video today at 9:15 PM, they sent radiation over my body. It was very painful, as well.

-While attempting to watch another video, I was radiated through my earphones.

-Yesterday, while at a library in Conyers, Ga., a very unattractive couple sat in the chairs directly across from me. I noticed that the female quickly batted her finger at me. I guess she thought she would be fast enough that I wouldn’t notice. Anyway, as soon as she did this gesture (another trigger), I, again felt the radiation. It took everything in me to not grab this female by her cheap weave. The sad part to this story is that this woman had already looked as if someone had sliced one side of her face but the worse part was… she was also pregnant! I could not believe it. These quacks will use any and everybody for their senseless cause.

Now that I think about it, I should have asked the librarian if I could view the surveillance tape. Then again, it is not too late.

Targets, obviously, don’t have to bother anyone in order to get attacked. They don’t have to be activists. I wasn’t. In my situation, as a Targeted Individual, it was and is a con-game. A frame by those nut jobs that I have and have not known. My situation, in my opinion, is  this way because I chose ‘not’ to deal with ‘Monsters’ and their ‘Drama’. They can’t stand not getting attention. Maybe they consider it to be a form of disrespect if your not ‘Blowing Their Heads Up’.

By the way, as I was writing this, these creeps shocked me, once again, by using the television. I hope that they are enjoying themselves because what goes around will eventually, come around.

May God Bless You All


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