Hiding a crime behind another crime. Stalking – gang stalking. What’s the difference?

The author writes…
“Our governments have no need to cover up the existence of crime – unless they are involved.”


A Word in Your Ear

The difference is stalking is recognised and treated as a crime.

Gang stalking isn’t recognised, and the authorities assert dogmatically that gang stalking absolutely does not exist and is an absolute indicator of mental illness in anyone who claims to be a victim.

The authorities assertion that gang stalking does not exist is inconsistent.

If a person complains of being stalked, say by an ex- and his assorted friends and family that is believed.

If a person complains of being bullied at work, that will also be (grudgingly) believed, albeit with a lot of denials, loose accusations of mental abnormalities in the complainer, and a host of dirty tricks to wiggle out of responsibility by the employer.

Alternatively, if the person being bullied belongs to an ethnic group, a person of colour, a Muslim, a migrant, the sirens will come wailing and the company concerned might find itself on the…

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